Life drawing: What are you thinking?

What are you thinking?
Oil pastel, acrylics, chalk and coloured pencils on paper.

I’ve been thinking about the major parts of the life drawing set up.
You are drawing a person. Usually naked. In a room, surrounded by other artists staring at that model. Instead of making a fake context (beach, theatre etc.) I started thinking about the interior life of the model: Steadfast (a Paris streetlight), The Villain, The Bore, Monty (Clift) and Emmy Lou (Harris). No I’m not 100% why either, though it seems to work. Taking random images from old magazines I made her thoughts parade before her. I also gave her a material covering to take away from the nude aspect.
Who knows this could be a break-through, or it could look like a bad RB Kitaj homage. Let’s see.

About Trevor Mill

This is my work. Art & Design. The fruits of my labour. Commissions / projects welcome.
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2 Responses to Life drawing: What are you thinking?

  1. pfelelep says:

    Brillant, I love the blue palette. When I read your texts, I am always inspired (I am not comfortable to write about my paintings myself), thank you for sharing.

    • Trevor Mill says:

      I like trying to explain. The was a fellow student at college who would only say ”cos it looks nice’ when asked about why he’d done something. That seemed never good enough. Why? is important to me.

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