Life Drawing. Canvas & blue tape.

The Blue Look.
Acrylic and pencil on canvas.
This was an old canvas painted a light turquoise-blue. The composition has a lot of movement for a seated pose with strong light.
I now have my easel near my work desk so I can keep on checking and changing the work in little ways.

Details of The Blue look.
You can see the roughness of the canvas and the amount of different colour.
Plus the new painting with another of the same model.

6 Studies In Structure.
Acrylic, pencil and blue masking tape on paper.
There was a lot going on so the colours were kept simple. Things were moved or left out. This was worked on during the. week.

About Trevor Mill

This is my work. Art & Design. The fruits of my labour. Commissions / projects welcome.
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2 Responses to Life Drawing. Canvas & blue tape.

  1. I love both of these works, Trevor! Blue figure seems a bit more stylized/simplified than some of your other figures, and the focus on shapes works for me. The 6 studies is great…. so much to take in… I feel the energy of the place!

    • Trevor Mill says:

      Many thanks Taline,
      There was so much to draw and paint at the end it was surprising to see what could be read. The brain doesn’t need much to make the assumption that a figure is in a painting.

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