Flower paintings and drawings.

Flowers, lemon and grapes. Acrylic and pencils on watercolour paper.
A very busy composition with a nice mesh of textures and colours. It is supposed to look serious and not frivolous.

Flower painting is not something that interests many modern artists for various reasons; too pretty, not intellectual and not ‘modern’.
It was fun making images that quote the genre of flower painting while trying to add lessons learnt in all those life drawing sessions. Flowers in jug, a citrus fruit for colour and texture and some grapes on some material (an old t-shirt).

You can see the amount of energy I’m trying to bring to the work. Why should delicate things be painted delicately?

Flowers in a Heals vase. Pencil on watercolour paper. For my parents.
Nice and simple with interest in the distorting glass and water of the vase, flowers and hazy background.

Some details showing the rhythms of the line and colour.

Flowers, lemon and grapes v2. Conté pastel, pencil, pastel and paint on wooden board.
The board was what I used to clip paper on while working. It suddenly became the canvas. Which is a little annoying as I’ll have to get a new bit of board now. There is more space and silence to this work. The wooden board is larger than the paper. The dullness of the warm grey makes the yellow and blue shine out.

Some details showing the brightness of the pastels.

Fresh flowers, lemon and grapes. Acrylic on watercolour paper.
As you can tell, this was made very quickly. I was thinking of the light, happy French painter Raoul Dufy.

Flowers in a Cocteau style. Uni-ball AIR on watercolour paper.
I like the lop-sided blankness. I am very left handed. It might have something to do with my father’s stroke as well.

About Trevor Mill

This is my work. Art & Design. The fruits of my labour. Commissions / projects welcome.
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3 Responses to Flower paintings and drawings.

  1. Tom Donovan says:

    Impressive composition in all your work, Trevor… Powerful color and line drawing… Confidence in your mark-making and command of the materials is conveyed in every piece… Love your question, “Why should delicate things be painted delicately?”…

    • Trevor Mill says:

      Hi Tom,
      thank you very much.
      Yes, confidence is something that communicates in art, the best examples are Velasquez and Picasso. I have no fear as I know I can always paint or draw over the ‘wrong’ mark which will be more interesting to the viewer than a worried, delicate mark. I taught life drawing once and used to scribble on the paper first so that the paper would be ‘ruined’ before the artists could get worried about mucking it up.

  2. This is so amazing!! I love the colors you used.
    We are DNA Design Studio. If you have some time, it would be nice to visit our page.
    There are some works you might like. Feel free to leave any feedback or comment. Thank you. 🙂

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