Life drawing. No faces.

1,2 and 3 removes. Acrylic and oil on prepared paper. 100x70cm.
The angel is a painting of a painting of a painting, which is quite fun. The title is called 1,2 and 3 removes as the model in the studio is at one remove, the model in the mirror at 2 and the angel at 3. The tattoo works well in linking the blues around the painting. The background colour is the light yellow. The oil paint is over the skin colour, hair and under the fabric. The mirror could do with a bit more work or some gloss varnish. 

The ritual of the scarf, mask and book. Acrylic and oil on prepared paper. 100x70cm.
Everyone in the room was wearing masks. The model posed in 3 fifteen minute poses, holding objects. This reminded me of the villa of Mysteries in Pompeii, hence the red background. Then I had some black oil paint that needed using up, so that made it on. The painting could be finessed at a later date.

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2 Responses to Life drawing. No faces.

  1. pfel says:

    Here in Hong Kong, still everyone is wearing masks yet the model comply to remove hers/his during the poses (maintaining the distance, of course).
    I guess the infection severeness is different here?

    • Trevor Mill says:

      Hi Pfel, this was the first time it’s happened, the model started to cough (apparently not in a Covid way) and the tutor thought it best for her to mask up. A shame as I just didn’t feel like looking at another mask! Everyone in the room was wearing them.

      This sounds silly but…
      I went to Hong Kong for a week (stayed at the Baden Powell house) a long time ago and absolutely loved it; hope you are as well as can be.

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