Life Drawing. Giraffes.

Giraffes. I’ve always liked drawing them. I used to draw them for other kids around the age of 10 (draw a horse and extend legs and neck, add stubby horns and sometimes a blue-ish long tongue. Now, I have some time on my hands waiting for one of my kids in Regents Park. London Zoo is based there and you can see some of the animals fairly clearly from the road, which makes me happy.

The A3 grey sketchpad had some pages on which I’d cleaned my brushes, hence the abstract marks under the drawing. There are only two giraffes at London zoo, both females. The last page is of a few zebras, who moved more and didn’t keep my interest, though the image looks a bit like cave drawings.

These were made a month or 3 ago in a smaller sketchbook and coloured with spare oil paint. The camels are good to draw as well, with sour, snooty expressions and lots of weight on the camels humps for them to balance. The camels seem to make people say rather strange things ‘are they monkeys?’ being my favourite.

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