Zoom / Real Still Life With Mirror

Zoom / Real Still Life With Mirror. Oil on canvas board. 50x40cm. Sunday 31/01/2021. 2 hours.

Along with some artist friends I painted still life from a screen on Zoom. Infront of this screen I placed on a book a newly emptied bottle of Lillet and a very old lemonade bottle which was dug up from a garden. Behind the screen was placed a mirror. So, two different kinds of flatness, with some real 3D bottles. Painted on a 2D surface. This stuff interests me. I gives me a subject to paint, otherwise it’s just objects.

Then away three brushes until the time ran out. The palette was Paynes Grey, Prussian Blue, Translucent Yellow Oxide, Light Red and Titanium White.

It should have a fancy title.

Here are some details:

About Trevor Mill

This is my work. Art & Design. The fruits of my labour. Commissions / projects welcome.
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1 Response to Zoom / Real Still Life With Mirror

  1. Tom Donovan says:

    Hey, Trevor… Your 2-D/3D Still Life and Mirror set-up is quite interesting… Thanks for sharing it… Tom

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