Zoom Life Drawing. Y in Berlin.

Y in Berlin. Acrylic, oils and pencils on paper. 90 x 70cm.
This started out just as a pencil drawing in the zoom life class.
The model (Y) is in Berlin, hence the title. It does seem to have something of that city about it. The pose and lighting were dramatic, like a still from ‘The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari’ with deep strong shadows and lot of angles. I’d said I would add sketches from Michelangelo sculptures, so they filled the blank spaces, idealised stone beings set against the glowing real human (the model is the only part of the work which has oil paint on, giving a real difference of texture and quality). There is even some black chinagraph drawing on black paint drawing on the left. I like leaving some part of the painting unfinished (This work Peters out at the bottom), to show it is a work by human hand and is never perfected, or finished. Now where to sign it…

The first image is how the work looked after the art lesson.
The lesson was curated by the great John Close, and set up by London drawing.
More from the lessons when I finish the paintings!


About Trevor Mill

This is my work. Art & Design. The fruits of my labour. Commissions / projects welcome.
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