Life drawing. In the tree plus other works.

Paintings that aren’t bad but weren’t finished, got lost or were overlooked.

In the tree. oil on canvas.
After the session in the life room, what to make with the image you’ve created? On this painting, I made sketches – at one point she was in a library, another sketch she was a queen on a throne. Eventually a tree came into the image, then suddenly the model was up in the branches, really testing your belief in the painting. A stream in Derbyshire helped give the image some perspective and a misty wood / city on the horizon was added. Reflections from the stream on the branches worked well.

Some of the stages the painting went through.

Here are some works that were good but never really finished.

Three times. Acrylic and oil on paper.
This was an experiment in really solid form building with some rich colour.

Yellow nude. Oil on canvas. This painting still has some paint put on it every now and then. The feel of the work is good enough to keep on.
Crumpled paper nude. Acrylic on paper.
Nice enough, but I do have a lot of work now. Prussian blue is great!

About Trevor Mill

This is my work. Art & Design. The fruits of my labour. Commissions / projects welcome.
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