Grand Guignol (portrait of Robin and Mr Skellington).

Grand Guignol (Portrait of Robin and Mr Skellington). Acrylic, pencil, oil paint. 40 x 50cm.
Painted at the brilliant Mary Ward Centre on the Tuesday night portrait class tutored by the essential John Close.
Robin is always a treat to paint, this time he brought the wig and dressed in an Edgar Allan Poe style. How can you not produce something interesting faced with this!
The wig went on Mr. Skellington and we started to paint. At home I kept on working on it throughout the summer holidays, a few minutes at a time, layer after layer. I’m not a huge horror fan but I thought back to Hammer movies and Roger Corman’s saturated colour. In the painting Robin has a case of jaundice, which I might fix.

Below is the painting in a different frame and details.

Below I’m wearing the wig, a screenshot from instagram and the painting after the first three hour session in front of Robin.

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