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Christmas CD 2011

There might be one in the post… Technical hiccups… See you soon. Tx

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Helloween Boogaloo Poster that never was

This very loud poster was to be screen-printed. The main act couldn’t make it so the gig was pulled. Yes I am DJ Trevumada. The colour range is Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and blacK with a recommendation of a sprinkle of … Continue reading

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D-I-S-C-O flyer

It took a while to get the refreshers ice lolly quality to the colours. The type reflects the SCREAMING that goes on at junior school disco. International finger food should be the name of a band.

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Christmas CD (belatedly)

Here’s the Christmas CD from my family and I. I’d forgotten about posting it til’ now. The copy idea is from an old (1905) playbook.

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Thanks to my fellow dj and super stylish fashion designer DIRTBRINGER pointing out the original flyer was not scary enough, we have re mixed the original flyer adding extra Helloweenness. OOO000oooohhhHHH!! Here’s the original. Saturday 30th of course. See reading

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Carling Gig Tickets 48 sheet

This is from my Leith London days. It was my creative and retouching but not my photography, can’t remember the persons name, so sorry. I was really going for an intensity of colour on this. It was pasted up all … Continue reading

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