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Information/Expression Exhibition

I’m having an exhibition. Please come along. INFORMATION /  EXPRESSION  Paintings from life by Trevor Mill PRIVATE VIEW /  Friday 2nd October 6pm-8pm MARY WARD CENTRE / 21st September – 16th October 2015 42 Queen Square, London WC1N 3AQ / / About the Works: These paintings all began upstairs … Continue reading

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Fête accompli

I think this is the 4th year of designing the poster. Advertising such a happy day is good for the soul. I’ve tried to make the attractions more… attractive this year. Zesty greens seem to make it look good and … Continue reading

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I’m having an exhibition

I’m very excited to have an exhibition of my paintings at FREVD café bar from the 28th February to the 24th March 2012. The last time I had an show was 20 years ago, also in FREVD (that one was … Continue reading

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Helloween Boogaloo Poster that never was

This very loud poster was to be screen-printed. The main act couldn’t make it so the gig was pulled. Yes I am DJ Trevumada. The colour range is Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and blacK with a recommendation of a sprinkle of … Continue reading

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Dogs & Hounds of Field & Show poster

Here’s a poster, the designs for the catalogue will follow shortly. The dog / words lock-up took ages to get right. I knew it would work, I just didn’t know when.

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Family LOVE poster

Copy and idea by the fantastic Sally Elms. This was made for a charity and was to go in schools. I think they only want the copy now. Which is a shame, it was great fun to do though. I’m … Continue reading

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Thanks to my fellow dj and super stylish fashion designer DIRTBRINGER pointing out the original flyer was not scary enough, we have re mixed the original flyer adding extra Helloweenness. OOO000oooohhhHHH!! Here’s the original. Saturday 30th of course. See reading

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