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Bronze Satyr typeface

The Bronze exhibition has one of the best sculptures I have ever seen. It inspired me to make this typeface up with some progressively silly Display Capitals for old style drop caps. I was thinking the Satyricon would be a … Continue reading

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SpanishCastleMagic Typeface.

This was created for a little nightclub project, more of which later. The inspiration was a Capital letter ‘A’ from a Victorian type specimen book. This soon morphed into an idea about women’s shoes and girl groups from the sixties. … Continue reading

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Virginia Plain typeface.

This came about around designing logos and packaging for clients. I wanted something feminine and modular, a typeface where letterforms interacted with each other but didn’t touch too much, keeping their readability. As for influences, there’s the First Roxy Music … Continue reading

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Old Sketchbook week: No.14! Big Book 2, First Salvo, BIG TYPE.

Ok, here’s some woodblock type. I’ve experimented with different viscosities and media on the type. It’s a beautiful bit of craftsmanship, and most of the letterforms are near perfect for this Alternate Gothic style of font. Please ask if you … Continue reading

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New Typeface No. 2: Wyndham Roman & Wyndham Compressed

This font was based on the idea of the golden ratio. There is a lot of talk about how harmonious and downright pretty the ratio is so here’s my go at making a typeface from the ratio as a grid. … Continue reading

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New Typeface No.1: Ezra Phonetic

It’s reasons for being: Since 1986 I’ve been thinking about of Herbert Bayer’s ideas on a typeface that dispenses with uppercase and is more representational of the phonetics of speech all filtered through the bauhaus’s reductive minimalism. I’m doing some … Continue reading

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Silver Premium Instant Shoe Shine® Typeface

I wanted a typeface on Friday. One that was spontaneous, exciting and bold. To go against all this computer led straight lineness – to be a bit electric guitar rather than slick programmed synth. In front of me was my … Continue reading

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