At London Zoo again.

Lemurs! I daydream of setting up an easel in the cage and staying there for a day…
I love the Okapi. Graceful amalgam of Giraffe and Zebra. On the right hand page are monkeys warthogs and the head of a camel.
People watching. The faster, the better.

Some Giraffes, two brothers and a black butterfly.

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Thoughts on art

These words were thrashed out after a particularly good life drawing class.

They have been revsised so they make a little more sense.

So, there you go.

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Visiting the relatives.

A garden in the summertime.

A game of chess.

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Holiday Sketch Series 5: Naples.

Sea Bathers, Naples.
An amalgam of the previous sketches, this could well be worked up into a painting. It made all those life drawing classes make sense in the real world. All body shapes out for sunbathing and swimming fun on boats. The idea of making this image came from glancing at the friends doing their hair. Made near the bay Castle.

Details of the small drawing. Below are the sketches the drawings came from. Made from both sides of the bridge to the castle.

Here’s another version with the sizes of the figures moved about and colour added. Not are about this. Like a toy theatre.

A quick drawing of the Carravaggio at a great gallery in Naples.

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Holiday Sketches Series 4: Pompeii & Hadrian’s Villa.

The main theatre at Pompeii.
You can see how hot it was. My wife (the lady in blue) momentarily sat in front of me before retreating to the shade, so she was quickly captured on the page. The sun bleached the stone, making the need to colour it redundant. Notice how intense the green of the trees are.

Pompeii images. Multiple layers of images seemed the right thing to do in this town, covered, then uncovered, countless lives walking down the streets. The first drawings (with the fish) was a round off the squiggle game. Make a squiggle, the other person makes it into an image. We were talking about garum, the fermented fish gut sauce that the Romans loved so much.

A small part of Hadrian’s Villa, Tivoli. The size of these buildings is truly imperial.

My eldest son’s version of the main theatre at Pompeii. A great drawing with added theatre masks which makes sense.

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Holiday Sketches Series 3: Rome

THE PANTHEON. Has to be in Caps really. Probably my favourite building.

Some details of all the people and that mesmerising hole at the top of the dome.

An earlier version of THE PANTHEON. An impossible building to draw. Too many perfect things going on, with a beam of light ceaselessly moving.

The Colloseum. Blistering sun. Again with the impossible curves! Great for people watching. Our games was look for the ancient Romans walking around in modern dress.

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Holiday Sketches Series 2b: Tivoli landscape painting.

Tivoli in the morning.
Made over successive days with acrylic and pencil in the fantastic sketchbook made by our great friend, Sarah A… she said I had to fill it with landscapes, something I haven’t really tried before. It’s been very enjoyable to oblige.
It was nice knowing I had some time alone with a very strong coffee, my art materials and the outrageous view.

Some details showing the way the wrk built up over 4 mornings.

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