Life drawing: Look left.

Look left. Acrylics and compressed charcoal on paper. 1 hour.
Really pleased with this. The composition and distortions work. The colour palette is simple and feels real. This will be exhibited at some time and will be worked on.
The model is an enigmatic dancer. His sister has been painted by me and is the the exhibition at this moment. That is me in the background in the studio mirror.
Seven studies. Acrylic and compressed charcoal on paper. 2 hours.
The top images are the most pleasing. Lots of paint laid on with a big brush in such a small space.
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Life drawing. The actress.

The first Friday night of the new term at The Mary Ward Centre.
The building, tutor John Close, model, fellow students and even the café are all as wonderful as usual.
Some new paints, some old bits of drawing material, the paper clipped to the canvas and I dive in to the water…

The Actress looks at the viewer / looks at the artist. Acrylics, pastel and a little crayon. 1 hour.
There is three focal points to this image. The artist at the back, the shoulder of the model looking at the artist and the foot of the model looking at the viewer
The Actress through techniques. Acrylics, pastel and a little crayon. 90 minutes.
This includes four poses using different techniques on each pose.
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A portrait of a friend.

SC in Sicily. Jan 2019. Acrylic and Oil Pastel.
This commission was an interesting exercise in trying to capture the personality of someone I know well. The image was one taken in intense sunlight with most of the face in shadow. The trick was how to get the blend of colours right. Acrylics were looking dry and cold, so looking back to some early life drawings of mine for inspiration, out came some heavily pigmented oil pastels. After quite a lot of applying and smudging, the work was finished.

I wanted to make it have an expressionistic feel, to keep the vibrancy of marks as well as the vibrancy of all that colour.

Here’s the different stages of the work up to completion. Only the last stages are in oil pastel.

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I’m in an Exhibition, plus many sketches.

Sorry, it’s been a while. I’ve been working hard on a graphics project, so time has passed since the last post. 
I’m in a lovely exhibition at the NudeTinCan gallery in St. Albans. It’s called ‘Nude or fully Clothed’ which suits the wide range of good works on show.
I have two pieces in the exhibition:
Repeat Performance Acylic and pencil on canvas
Glitter Platinum Lady Acrylic, pencil and glitter on Paper

See more here:
Nude Tin Can, 125 Hatfield Road, St Albans, Hertfordshire AL1 4JS

I’ve been sketching a lot, in pencil and pen. Plus I’ve been working on a new portrait I hope to finish very soon. More when it’s done!
Back to Friday night life drawing this Friday, so expect regular posts…

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Reflection & study.

Reflection. Acrylics, charcoal and pencil on canvas. 30.11.18 & 07.12.18
This painting is of a well known model. The composition is unusual.
The last of the term at the brilliant Mary Ward Centre.

Study for Reflection. Charcoal, acrylic, pencil and chalk on light green paper. 23.11.18

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Viv around eleven in the morning, 2018.

Viv around eleven in the morning summer 2018 FINAL sm

Here’s my latest commission.

Viv around eleven in the morning, 2018. Oil on canvas. Summer – Autumn 2018.
Viv has a vibrant and intelligent presence. Capturing her look and the brilliant summer sunlight of those morning portrait sessions became the subjects of the painting. 
The composition has Viv and her most treasured possessions against verdant garden backdrop.
The paint itself has large variations of texture, transparency and brush marks to denote skin, metal and vegetation. 
I want the viewer to feel you are in the room with her, in the midst of a good conversation.

As usual with a major painting there is a book collecting the influences, sketches and different stages of the work.

Viv Cover_IW_20-50pg_Sm-Sqar_PremPpr_v1.inddViv Pages_Small_Square_v1a.inddViv Pages_Small_Square_v1a.inddViv Pages_Small_Square_v1a.inddViv Pages_Small_Square_v1a.inddViv Pages_Small_Square_v1a.indd

Have a look at the book of the painting here.

Here’s the book, colour study and final work all together.
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Life drawing. The look.

The Look. Charcoal, pastel and pencils on paper 100 x 72.
So, there was fabric hanging from my easel to the model. I had decided to travel light and just take a range of pencils and a rubber by my side. In the break a fellow artist had said ‘why don’t you try smudging?’ So that’s what I did. The rubber came in handy for blurring the pencil and pastel marks. The skin tones and green colouring were created the next morning before breakfast but after coffee. I like the mysterious artists in the background with just their non working hand visible.

draper on the head
Drapery study 1. Chalk and pencil on paper. 15 minutes.

reclining on green
Drapery study 2. Chalk, charcoal and pencil on paper. 15 minutes.

man x3 with material
3 studies with material . Pencils on paper. 15 minutes.

Some details of the the look.

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