Holiday Art 3. People.

Alex for Monica

My eldest son. A study in blues. Acrylic & pencils. The dry look of the texture and colour scheme was influenced by frescos. The pose and look are all his own. Started form life, then finished of from quick images taken on the phone.

Villa dining table

Trying to capture that great feeling of people around a table. The light from the window was wonderful. Very blue palette, which wasn’t the case in real life. The handling is as loose as I get nowerdays.

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Holiday Art 2. Architecture.

Venice for half and hour
A quiet part of Venice in a small sketchbook. Made in 30 minutes. Occassional splashes from water taxis outstanding a rather pleasant time was had.

Villa front 2
The front of a Palladian Villa in very bright sunlight.

Villa 1
Rhythmic mark-making. Nice strong shadows.

3 x Eddy in Villa
Three views of the same boy around the villa steps.

Two views of an interior. Same viewpoint. Different techniques.

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Holiday Art 1. Still life in the sun.

Painting objects on their own doesn’t usually fill me with joy. I would rather have a breathing subject. The light being so strong in Italy, it gave the still life an interest to me. The subject is the light on different textures.

Still life 1

The brightness is in the background. You can feel the heat encroaching. Around 11am.

Still life 2

This was painted around 11am on a blistering day. Below is the photographic evidence. All these images were painted from life.


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Life Drawing. Man.

We were asked what we wanted the work to be about before we started drawing.
Answers ranged from ‘volume’, ‘real’; I said ‘grace’.

Seated man on grey

This is delicate. Each surface has it’s own marks and colour scheme.

This was made with acrylics and pencils. The background was painted in at home.
The mirror make the picture. A two dimensional image of a life model, who has a two dimension reflection behind them.

Seated man on grey detail

The hands and torso were the main focus.

3 figures in motion

Three earlier studies of 5 minutes each. Trying to capture the pose in a few marks and a sense of potential movement.

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Life painting 8. Lady on cardboard.

In a rush the paper was left behind. On the way some cardboard was spied, sniffed, found to be clean and carried to The Mary Ward Centre.
As hoped the texture was interesting for a bit and the buff colour worked well as a base.
Good quality materials are not needed for good work, some of the best life drawing I’ve seen was made on newspaper (yes, you Steven Williams).
In Cass Arts I spied a bargin and now have 48 different acrylic colours to choose from, probably 38 too many…

The work itself was a slightly frantic feel, could have been due to the heat.

Lady on cardboard white yellow and blueLady seated on cardboard

All the work was made on the same piece of cardboard making it a life drawing box.

Some 15 minute poses. The red paint was put on by me and the 6 year old at the weekend. Fun.

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Party sketches

SarahA in revamped in the Holbein style

I’ve done some photoshop to clean it up. I have strange ‘tic’ of making the eyes slightly too high. After moving the eyes down, taking the early lines around the face off and squashing the page slightly I’ve finished.

Nice dog

A lovely dog. On a sheepskin rug.

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Summer sketches. Surrey Flowers & Lewes Lido

These sketchbook pages are concerned with sunlight, interesting mark making and colour.

The first three are images were made in gardens that are growing like there is no tomorrow. How to capture all this?

VC garden with my hand 01072017

My hand with a fecund garden in the background. Trying to cwork with the bright sunlight.

VC & CH garden 01072017

There is a lightness and dynamism to capture in the vigorous growth.

VC garden Yellow Brick Road 01072017

There is so much to draw when looking at a landscape, it’s hard to take it all in.

These images were made at Lewes Lido. One of those wonderfully hot summer days.

EM Lewes Lido

I’ve been influenced by David Hockney in the modelling of the grass.

CT at Lewes Lido 2017

A friend in the sun. Not a bad composition, corallling what was around into a picture with rhythm.


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