Design week 5: a poster for kids


I thought this would be fun to post. Trying to keep the kids in order.
Made in a calm, clean coloured style.

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Design week 4: Fashion (turn to the left…)

David Reeves, the best English tailor in NYC, is making some sports jackets out of new cloth. Let’s make an advert he says, but there are no jackets to show yet, just the swatches. No worry, I’ll sort it, says I.


The production of a sample shop on the website wasn’t too complicated.
I know more about US taxes now.

sample-shop-instagram-duplicates   screen-shot-2017-03-02-at-10-18-45

Some subsiduary logos.



A ‘suits of the stars’ advert.



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Design Week 3: The House Schools project.

This is a project of logo and web design for a group of three schools.

The logos for the three schools come in three versions.
The intertwining letters were a joy to create. It was a good test of skill to make all three work well.



The front page with a carousel and video.
The site was created with my work partner for websites, Piers Aitman.
Photography by Chris Tubbs.


A screenshot from the iPhone.


See the real site here.

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Design week 2: Book design.

This type of work is very pleasurable. Instead of writing much about the rythmn, space and details, here’s the work.

The cover.


Some of the spreads.



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Design Week 1:

I usually post artworks, this week it’s time for what pays most of the bills. My design work. These are some of the recent jobs I can show, there are more but a few clients are shy.

This project was to make a simple but effective site showing funky student housing in Manchester.

The homepage with it’s specially made number machine. Each time you enter the site you have a different room on the right. Thanks to Piers Aitman for his help creating this page.screen-shot-2017-01-19-at-16-32-00

About page. Picture yourself here, student.


Easy navigation. Easy to use and easy to change.


One of the many cool student houses. If cool is what students say.


See the site for yourself here.

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Life drawing 5. Mr muscle.

My brain was overloaded with the amount of information to take in.

The plan was to concentrate on the model, from his hair to the navel. This changed when given the challenge of taking in the scene, the skull and the plastic torso on the table.
The diagonal of objects wouldn’t balance the composition so the fellow artists were added, the ground had to be painted, then the walls, there are even two versions of John Close the tutor as he moved around. My foot was added for lots of reasons, the main one being to lead your eye into the diagonal. Notice how the red is dotted about to excite the eye, an old impressionist trick.

4 colours of acrylics, some white gesso and 3 sizes of brush. 1 hour.


Five 5 minute sketches in acrylic and pencil. Starting from top right.
That’s how left handed I am. Letting the brush make the form, making the pencil sort the final line.


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London Zoo 2

The gorillas are… rather worrying for me. I read a lot into their expressions.
This a compilation of all the sketches made that day, taking the boys around London Zoo. Below are some links about the Kumbuka the silverback, who really doesn’t like pigeons.


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