Life drawing 23.02.18. The two gentlemen.


The two gentlemen
Oilstick, oil pastels and pencils. 1 hour.

Double trouble a

The models @robinactormodel and @dominicblakelifemodel were wonderful to draw. Enthusiastic, professional with a lot of personality.

Robin profile from double trouble

Detail of Robin’s profile.

Robin torso from double trouble

Detail of Robin’s torso. The play between the oilbar, oil pastels and pencil is satisfying.

Double trouble x 3 with tracing paper

Four sets of Duncan and Robin. One pose was covered by another. The fourth pose was created on tracing paper.

Mr Skellington 230218

The first session of a new study of Mr. Skellington.

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Life drawing 09.02.2018. The Look | The shadow.

So, you have a scene. What do you paint? What do you leave in or take out? What colours to use? All in an hour.
The mixture of decisions and the muscle memory is thrilling to me.
So, here are some of the points in the painting:
A restricted, mainly cold palette.
A fellow artist featured prominently.
Easels abstracted.
Diagonals and verticals highlighted.
The difference of tone between skin and background accentuated.

Life drawing model and artist 090218

The look. 1 hour.

Life drawing model and artist detail 090218

A close up.

Life model in cream and grey 090218

The shadow This started with two inter-locking triangles. 30 minutes.

Life model in cream and grey detail 090218

Life model twice in cream, blue and grey detail 090218

2 x 15 minute studies.


Life model 2 in cream and grey 090218

A 15 minute study.

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Life Drawing 02.02.2018. Reclining vertically.

Reclining nude 020218 v2

G on blue & cream. A reclining nude painted vertically for some reason. There’s some distortion due to this and the proximity to the model to me. Acrylics, tester pots of paint, oil stick and pencils. 1 hour.


Reclining nude 020218 Foot & hand detail

A detail showing the foot and hand.

Reclining nude 020218 Head detail

Detail of the head. She actually has black hair. I thought the composition would be better without dark hair.

7 Gilders together 020218

7 models and an artist. These were poses of between 5 and 15 minutes. The largest one was the last, before some carrot cake and a coffee break.

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Life drawing 2. St. Jerome

This very empathic model once posed as St. Jerome in a crypt near Euston.
For me he will always be the saint.
This is painted over an old work, which meant that it pushed me to great heights. If I’m to obliterate something, what goes over it must be better.
There’s a lot of paint on this piece of paper.

St Jerome
Acrylics, oilstick and pencils.

St Jerome

Artist & model
The first pose of the night. Notice how the artist has moved in the mirror. Nice to use some green for a change.

St Jerome being drawn

St.Jerome in the wilderness
A quick work graphite. Started from the stomach out.
St Jerome sketch

The latest state of Sing Yor Life.
a minty green is giving the work a new lease of energy.

Sing Yor Life 2nd state

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Life Drawing 1: The blue & red rooms


Tania x2 on blue

Title: The blue room. You have the feeling you are in a large room, close to the model. Enough information is there to set the scene, to tell you where you are. There is something pleasing about leaving some paper unpainted. Something good about the lengthening of her back. The purple is nicely false as well.

Tania x2 on blue detail
A detail of the above. This figure was painted first, with a large expanse waiting for the next pose. Both took 30 minutes each.

Tania x2 on red

Poses in the red room. The horizontal line connects the two poses.

Tania x3
Three figures on blue. I wanted the small figure to look like one of Matisse’s sculptures that he adds to his compositions. A way of pointing out the plasticity of the work. This could do with a good day on this. I can imagine the central figure being abstracted into a series of curves.

not Tania small 2017

This was a small sketch from a previous class. The composition seems to work.

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Mr. Skellington Sings.

The first life drawing session of the year. I happened to get to the Mary Ward Centre early. Turned a few lights on. Set up. Painted for 30 minutes. Tested out some oil sticks.

Title: Sing Yor Life

Mr Skellington Singing


Mr Skellington Singing detail

A nice close up showing the range of colour

Mr Skellington Singing detail close up

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Life drawing 08.12.17. Model & artist.


Model and artist with mirror a

Model & Artist. The work after four different sessions. If the painting is exhibited or sold there is another two sessions. A tidying up session and a matt varnishing which will give the colours a bit more depth.

Model and artist with mirror d

cropped with the pins photoshopped out. A little colour correction for the lighting.

Model and artist with mirror f close up head

The head in detail.

Model and artist with mirror c just feet

The feet.

Model and artist with mirror e close up

The eye.

A collection of the work in progress.

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