Life drawing. Head over Heels

Friday night 6-9pm 28.09.18. The Mary Ward Centre. John Close was the tutor.

Skull and feet

Head over Heels. Acrylic and wax pencil on canvas board. Around 50 minutes.
Thanks for the title Andy. The final pose of the night. The full figure would have been good but there’s been a many over the years and the feet and skull make an intriguing mix of life and death. With the composition focused on just three objects, the colour, brush-marks and texture could be thought out a little more than unusual. The background base colour can still be seen. The skin colour wasn’t blended; your eye has to do that work. Mr Skellington’s skull has dry impasto loaded on it; the colours on the skull are mixed between the skin and material. The material the objects rest on is made with thinner paint and scumbled with dry-brush marks; it is lighter the further the material is from the audience’s eye.

Below are the  the other work made and some close-ups of the skull.
1. The canvas later painted with skull and feet. The drawing was made without looking at the canvas.
2. A painting made on crumpled paper.
3 & 4. A detail and full picture of 3 poses. It was fun to paint something so small for 15 minutes. This seated figure is only 5cm high. The larger paintings of the model were made with both hands working at the same time or painting upwards only.



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Life drawing.Canvas boards & black paper.

Back to the Mary Ward Centre on a Friday night with the great tutor John Close.
The model was the fantastic Dominic, a very enthusiastic young man with some very good poses.

All work was made with one large brush, some pencils and chalk.

Tension. Black paper. Made in 10 minutes. Nice and free.

Daniel with hands on head

Two poses, two artists. On canvas board.
I wanted the artists to be vaguer, the model to be the focus. Interesting colour palette. Two poses of 30 minutes.

Daniel x2 plus 2 artists

Four poses. On canvas board.
Letting the canvas fill up with marks.
Four poses of 15 minutes.

Daniel x4

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I love woodblock type. Bought a new typeface, a news gothic, from Ireland apparently. They didn’t have a ‘W’ so I got a free ‘!’.
The Japanese ink has been mixed with cheap blue poster paint.

Anyway, just look at the loveliness.


You will see more of this in the coming months…

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Life drawing: Francis Bacon.

Saturday 8th September.
In a crypt in a church opposite Euston station.
A great set up of scenes based around Francis Bacon.
Around 4 hours of intense drawing.

Three Studies of ‘George Dyer’. Chalk and graphite sticks.
The model undressed as the poses went on. The first in a suit and tie, the second in string vest and the third in his white jockeys. Based on the painting of Bacon made from photographs of George Dyer by John Deakin.

Studies on ertsaz George Dyer 080918 whole

Three Studies of movement. Oils stick, chalk, crayon, charcoal and lots of pencils.
A really interesting time with lots of overlaying. With the model, music, scenery and the amazing space of the crypt.

Robin as Bacon model x3 080918

Two studies of man in stocking. Oils stick, chalk, crayon, charcoal and lots of pencils.
The first works. The place was rather dark which made looking at the paper a waste of time. The works became more about tone and texture which suited me.

Man with stocking 080918
Man with stocking pose 2 080918

Some details:

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Sketchbook: Wales

Mountain near Snowden 1 Wales Aug 2018

A mountain next to Snowdon, viewed from the train. The marks are nice and wild, like the country.

Mountain near Snowden 2 Wales Aug 2018

The same mountain, from a little higher up. A little more tentative. The background faded beautifully to the sea and then sky. Snowdon is one of my favorite places on Earth.

Rail journey up Snowden Wales Aug 2018

The start of the Snowdon train journey, just noting down anything I saw, from sheep to sunglasses. Drawing on a journey is good practice; you cannot stop the train.

Beach near Portmadog Wales Aug 2018

An amalgam of different views from a beach near Portmadog. A lot of the rock is slate, lots of straight lines, the edges rounded by the sea.

My right hand on train to Reading

My hand on a train journey. Didn’t want to freak the passengers out by drawing them.

Izzy by Trevor Wales Aug 2018

My daughter at a café.

Trevor by Izzy Wales Aug 2018

My daughters view of me. Very flattering! 20 years younger than I see myself.

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Copley copy.

A tricky composition.
At the Tate Britain, having a wander, thinking about political art and depictions of war, having just seen the Aftermath exhibition of post WWI art. I’ve always liked this painting as the artist, John Singleton Copley is trying really hard. The fight for Jersey has been pushed into a most heroic painting. No doubt there is a Brexit cartoon in there somewhere.

Anway, I sat down and got out my pencils and had a tussle with Mr Copley’s work. Fun.




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