A little bit of illustration…

It seems a lot of work is consigned to be a mystery due to the prevalence of Non Disclosure Agreements. Here’s a medical illustration job that I can now show in part at least. It works as details without giving anything away.

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Life drawing: the King.

The King. Acrylic, pencils and pastels on paper. About 4 hours, 1 and a half with the models, the rest spread over the week in 1o minute bursts.
The challenge was to create a new world around the model, not just the life drawing room. Perspective grids, old sketches and my imagination were thrown into this work. I’m not sure the painting has a message… maybe I’ll find out later.
The eagle was and it’s colouring has something to do with His Dark Materials and an earlier work about swans being angels in a Dante-like heaven, which I painted around 15 years ago. There’s a bits of Giotto and Max Beckmann in there as well.

Some details of the final work.

Some of the sketches and influences around the work. The horse made it look to much like Lord of the Rings…

3x man. Pencil and acrylic on paper. 3 15 minute poses with the acrylic added at home using colour from the main work.

Some details from the work.

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Life drawing. Looking left x2.

Looking left No.1. Acrylic, chalk and pencil on paper.
I think it was 25 minutes, plus some more on the skull of the now famous Mr. Skellington.
Sitting poses need some dynamism. The chalk was added on the background to make it recede. The skull was left on the floor over the break, so I had an extra 10 minutes with it, hence the detail.

Details of the above, showing the shaky mark making.

Looking Left no.2. Acrylic and conté pastel on paper. An hour in the Mary Ward Centre, then 20 minutes at home.
The background was rather loud before the watered-down Farrow and Ball mixture was liberally added to calm the whole thing down. The shadows were added – there wasn’t many shadows in the real scene.

Some details of the above. A smaller painting of the model and two warm up poses which are very gestural. Interesting that I haven’t kept the skin tone palette between any other works made one after the other. Do I always see afresh? It would save time to use the same colours…

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Life Drawing. The Bewlay brothers. Plus Quick poses.

The Bewlay Brothers. Pencil and paint on paper.
The title has been going around my head and seemed to fit.

Some quick poses from the night.

Some quick poses form the Friday before.

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Life Drawing: Memory

Remembering. Acrylic, oil washes, pencil and pastel on paper.
Still trying to make the experience of the viewer more tangible. Some experiments in texture and mixed media. Heavily worked on at home, hence the title. Been looking at Michelangelo sculpture get the feeling of form in space. Not 100% happy with the work, the foot is good. There’s a movement to the marks, a shimmer which helps the liveliness.

Some details.

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Life Drawing: Dominic on blue.

Dominic in Blue. Acrylic, pencil and pastel on paper.
Another fantastic night of painting with Domininc. A very dynamic set up of easels surrounding the model.

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Life Drawing: Time & notation.

Time & notation. Acrylics, pastels and pencils on paper. 1 hour. 30 minutes at home.
The model changed the pose slightly ever 15 minutes. So it was concentrate and see what was on the paper at the end of the time.

Some details of the above.

Darkness. Acrylic and white pencil on paper.
Seeing as it’s nearing Halloween and I wasn’t feeling too well…

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