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School fair posters.

I thought it was time to get away from my usual tasteful style and go for eye bleeding pattern and COLOUR. This bit of the A4 post I found on the ground. You can see how the colour was a … Continue reading

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Photography book design.

I’ve been a friends with Jake for a long time. His eye is always good. It’s been a pleasure designing this book for him. All I had to do was let the work speak. Some nice sensitive typography.

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Tasteful pinkyblue sparkly woodblock printing.

Not Much to say on this one. You either like hand printed sequined woodblocks or you don’t. Something satisfying about the amount of texture and detail in something so readable.

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Posters for school. Rockin’ & Quizin’

A versatile thing, the fox. I like the idea of a mobile logo, one that can dress up in new clothes but is always itself. Here’s a few of the posters I’ve designed for the school. He even swims. The … Continue reading

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Gary Kirk + David Bowie = Party.

A dream job. A client I like, a subject who’s brilliant and of course Dame David. So I had a bunch of photos and got to work on some bespoke party invites / posters. I even did the backs of … Continue reading

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Websites & backgrounds

There is so much content in everything now that is filched from other places. I prefer to make my own, the client is employing me for my work, not my talents as a thief. Which is different from having influences … Continue reading

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Design week 2: Book design.

This type of work is very pleasurable. Instead of writing much about the rythmn, space and details, here’s the work. The cover. Some of the spreads.  

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Design Week 1: StudentShack.co.uk

I usually post artworks, this week it’s time for what pays most of the bills. My design work. These are some of the recent jobs I can show, there are more but a few clients are shy. This project was … Continue reading

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Heeeeere’s a sports jacket ad!

As American as I get. You’ll know it from ‘The Shining’. So Johnny Carson (a famous chat show host) used to wear these type of jackets, which are coming back into fashion. Sport jacket is a funny word. I wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Rainbows & Stars

Made for a birthday.

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InsideNGO Branding

This branding project took up autumn and winter of 2015. InsideNGO strengthen the operations and management of companies in the non-governmental organisation community. They are based in Washington, USA. The logo has the idea of reaching out of the normal NGO … Continue reading

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illustrations of windows

Creating a series of building illustrations for a map commission, I was pleased by the amount of shapes, sizes and styles that made up the windows. The architectural history is embedded in the designs, from the medieval to the modernist.  

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Information/Expression Catalogue.

Here’s the catalogue of the exhibition. It’s a 32 page, A4 magazine. Available at http://www.blurb.com/b/6487524-information-expression-painting-from-life for £9.99. I’ll sign it if you put it under my nose… The front and back cover, showing the posters in situ. The title spread. A photographic … Continue reading

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This project has been most enjoyable. Alan D Boyd is a good guy, who also has a lot of good content, perfect for a website. The main idea was to have two colour coded routes for the two main parts … Continue reading

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Chocolate Diamond Campaign. Tasty.

Here’s a campaign I’ve been working on. A brochure, advert, business card and chocolate wrapper. Diamonds and chocolate are two things most people really like, hence the theme. The typography is classic and integrated in with imagery. Using sympathetic colour to … Continue reading

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Psychedelic Summer Sale for David Reeves

How to catch the attention without extra frippery. The psychedelic background is the lining of one of his suits. I’m currently working on a rebrand for his work, including logo and website. He’s been my client for over 6 years … Continue reading

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Pop design: With love.

“Why Is This Happening?” is a song about immigration in the UK from the immigrants point of view. “The #WITHlove2015UK campaign is a music-led initiative to release a song to raise awareness and fight back against the growing anti-immigration and … Continue reading

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