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A Business Card for a Composer

A good brief. Making music is a great thing to visualise. The job went through quite a lot of different versions, trying to work out how ROCK or Classy to make the design; it ended up on the exciting, memorable … Continue reading

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Christmas CD (belatedly)

Here’s the Christmas CD from my family and I. I’d forgotten about posting it til’ now. The copy idea is from an old (1905) playbook.

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THE SMITHS photographs from the TV

  On Saturday night I stumbled upon a Smiths concert in for the German rock programme ROCKPLAST. The Smiths were in their austere first pomp, just after the first album. They played ‘Headmaster’s Ritual’ (called ‘Crack on the Head’ on … Continue reading

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Carling Gig Tickets 48 sheet

This is from my Leith London days. It was my creative and retouching but not my photography, can’t remember the persons name, so sorry. I was really going for an intensity of colour on this. It was pasted up all … Continue reading

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ONE PARTY STATE flyer No.5 (Hello Sailor!)

Battleship Potemkin and all that. I’ve added a bit of Dazzle ship (though the Russians never painted their ships in stripey camouflage). Probably not the final version, somethings bugging me about Verushka’s trousers, the border, her hair…. Should I put … Continue reading

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A revision of the Suprematist flyer with extra punch, sculptures and less shoulderpads.

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Lady Ga Ga ?

I don’t know why. Just a doodle on the phone that took on a life of it’s own. Ga Ga Ohh La La.

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