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Judas Kiss (the typeface)

Inspired by the play The Judas Kiss about Oscar Wilde and Bosie, I’ve created a pretty but aloof, uncaring typeface. Read more about Bosie here. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lord_Alfred_Douglas

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Bronze Satyr typeface

The Bronze exhibition has one of the best sculptures I have ever seen. It inspired me to make this typeface up with some progressively silly Display Capitals for old style drop caps. I was thinking the Satyricon would be a … Continue reading

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New Typeface No. 2: Wyndham Roman & Wyndham Compressed

This font was based on the idea of the golden ratio. There is a lot of talk about how harmonious and downright pretty the ratio is so here’s my go at making a typeface from the ratio as a grid. … Continue reading

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