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Photography book design.

I’ve been a friends with Jake for a long time. His eye is always good. It’s been a pleasure designing this book for him. All I had to do was let the work speak. Some nice sensitive typography.

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Tasteful pinkyblue sparkly woodblock printing.

Not Much to say on this one. You either like hand printed sequined woodblocks or you don’t. Something satisfying about the amount of texture and detail in something so readable.

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I love woodblock type. Bought a new typeface, a news gothic, from Ireland apparently. They didn’t have a ‘W’ so I got a free ‘!’. The Japanese ink has been mixed with cheap blue poster paint. Anyway, just look at … Continue reading

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Posters for school. Rockin’ & Quizin’

A versatile thing, the fox. I like the idea of a mobile logo, one that can dress up in new clothes but is always itself. Here’s a few of the posters I’ve designed for the school. He even swims. The … Continue reading

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Auckland Castle Leaflet

I do like working for Auckland Castle Trust. The people are nice, the idea for project is really genuine and the art and architecture is unique. The leaflet features my illiustration, design and typography. The feel is supposed to be … Continue reading

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Design week 5: a poster for kids

I thought this would be fun to post. Trying to keep the kids in order. Made in a calm, clean coloured style.

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Rainbows & Stars

Made for a birthday.

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KR Tailoring design

Intertwined lettering, a tweaked slab serif. Solid, trustworthy and timeless.

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Chocolate Diamond Campaign. Tasty.

Here’s a campaign I’ve been working on. A brochure, advert, business card and chocolate wrapper. Diamonds and chocolate are two things most people really like, hence the theme. The typography is classic and integrated in with imagery. Using sympathetic colour to … Continue reading

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Pop design: With love.

“Why Is This Happening?” is a song about immigration in the UK from the immigrants point of view. “The #WITHlove2015UK campaign is a music-led initiative to release a song to raise awareness and fight back against the growing anti-immigration and … Continue reading

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Museum Of London: Sherlock Holmes web game.

The original homepage. The headline text faded in and out. The design works perfectly on laptop, tablet and mobile. A sample of game pages. The headline type fades after 5 seconds. Rather atmospheric. The woodblock typeface was printed and scanned … Continue reading

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Design Week 2: Typographical off cuts.

These images are screenshots from photoshop documents. I’ve been working on a web puzzle game and these pieces of type were left over.  

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Wedding Invites for David & Sarah

These invites for my sister in law and her now husband were a joy to do. The brief stipulated the colour green, circular shapes and no illustrations of hearts etc. There were three different invites designed and a group of … Continue reading

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A Frank typeface.

Called Frank after it’s inspiration the artist Frank Stella. Stella didn’t seem a good name. My 401st post. Wow.

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Wedding invites in Green

The background is a photograph of frost on my Rover 400. The typeface is Greek Satyr – the first time it has appeared in print. Natasha was a exemplary client. Printed by the wonderful Oldacres on Hatton Garden.

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A Very Pammy Birthday card

You know a night out is going to end well when the words ‘Experimental cocktails’ are used. KG & CT made the Let It Bleed cake for Pam. Nobody ate the record. I think. A fantastic cake / meal / … Continue reading

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Old Sketchbook week: No.14! Big Book 2, First Salvo, BIG TYPE.

Ok, here’s some woodblock type. I’ve experimented with different viscosities and media on the type. It’s a beautiful bit of craftsmanship, and most of the letterforms are near perfect for this Alternate Gothic style of font. Please ask if you … Continue reading

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Old Sketchbook week: No.13 Big Book 1, Fourth Salvo, Design off-cuts.

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