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Sound In Sound Out, A work from 2005, remade 2016.

This work was the culmination of the striving to make a work of art on a computer. Since 1987 I’ve been trying to make something on the computer that uses the tool to it’s best advantage, rather than to pastiche … Continue reading

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Old Sketchbook week: No.7 Random pages.

Some sketchbooks were patchy, a collection of loose leaves and some were too full of certain ex-girlfriends (I didn’t know whether they’d be embarrassed or would like it). These pages were picked from around 1991 -1993. A Vorticist abstraction. A … Continue reading

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Old Sketchbook week: No.2 A bit of a BLAST.

Now there I was in 1993/4 in a dead end graphics job. We had little work and some brand new Apple Macs. I decided to make myself a magazine / calling card instead of getting bored. This got me a … Continue reading

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