Portrait: Christina the Queen.

Christina, Queen of Denmark. In order of application: Charcoal, Acrylic, Pencils, Oil paint on board. A3.
I asked the model who she would like to be painted as. She said Christina, Queen of Denmark. Titles are fun. As you can see below, the painting after the session was a fair bit happier. I wanted to add a shadow and that dappled light feel and some more plants. The oil paint added depth, texture and drama. Some Le Douanier Rousseau perhaps? If I exhibit the painting, I’ll make it work harder.

The work unframed. A close up. The work at the end of the session in front of the model.

3 short drawings on sugar paper. The first was conceived as a fashion style illustration with some changes of positioning left in on the eyes. The second was thought as a slight exaggeration with lots of different media used one after the other. The third was lots of paint on a big brush.

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