Rainbows & Stars

Made for a birthday.

Rainbows and Star art

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Life drawing 06.07.16. G next to the starless flag. Plus Skull.

This painting reflected the mood of the class on the outcome of the European vote.
Hence the title.

The simple stance and the wealth of surrounding detail added to the strong colours made for a decorative painting. This week’s theme was the relationship between yellows and purples. I’m scared of using yellow, so this was a roll up your sleeves and dive in session.

It was agreed that the model G has the presence and hair of a Botticelli.
The light suddenly changed with about ten minutes to go, modelling the forms in a dramatic fashion, bringing the pose to life, Pygmalion style.
Acrylics on prepared paper (gesso mixed with light blue). Size 100 x 70cm.
2 hours in the studio, plus an hour at home with some pencils.

G and the starless flag

A detail of the above, showing the texture of the gesso.

G detail

I’ve been looking at vintage art books recently, thinking what is lost and gained by taking the colour out of a reproduction. It can make an image more cohesive but takes some joy and balance out.

G and the starless flag bw

Mr Skellington from below. This has been worked on since this photograph with white gesso, making it more ghostly.

Mr Skellington from below 060716

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Life drawing 24.06.16. Lady resplendent in blue and orange.

The sideways look was momentary. I think it makes the image, balancing the composition and reminding the viewer there is someone else in the room…

Samantha? on blue

This session was about how blue works with orange and skin tones.
Made while sitting on the floor, which produced some interesting distortions. At one point he head was half the size. People liked the electrical plugs and switches, these details bring us into the real world. Acrylic on paper. Size 100x70cm. Time taken 2 hours.

Samantha? on blue detail 2

The face in detail.
The painting was made in these stages:
1. Choosing the viewpoint
2. Sponge filled with watery paint to work out the main composition
3. Drawing with 3 coloured pencils
4. Painting with acrylics, using large brushes
5. Drawing with 2 coloured pencils
6. Painting with smaller brushes
7. Final touches in pencil

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Alice Hart Davis Website

Alice wanted a site that reflected her style, writing and beauty range.
The amount of good quality content both textural and visual made the process a simple case of letting the work speak for itself.
See the real site at alicehartdavis.com

To work out the main branding elements I find it useful to design a business card.
The business card, showing the startling main image, colour palette and typography.
Yes, you can connect the business cards together to complete the face.

Alice Bus cards for blog

The favicon (very small element that goes next to the web address).

Alice Hart Davis favicon

The homepage. The word fresh was in my mind while designing this.
There are a lot of links, to urge you to see more.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 16.01.50


The product page.Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 16.02.31


The book page.Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 16.02.23


The blog.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 16.03.26

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Life drawing 17.06.16. D watching the watchers

A arrived late and found a spare space. D’s hand , the summer light, my fellow arty types, the pot plant and the red rug came together to make the painting. See the differing personalities reflected in their stances.
A long pose of 2 and half hours. Made in acrylics, as I haven’t found a great way to paint in oils on paper. I’ve tried gesso. Any advice? No rabbit glue please.

David watching the watchers

A close up of the above. A great hand to draw.

David watching the watchers close up

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Adverts for local press.

Made for the Tufnell Park Parents magazine. Kept as simple as possible.
Lots of faces and an email.

A full page version.

tpp page version

A half page version.

TPP half page colour ad v2

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The art teacher

Year 4 got an art lesson on Tuesday. It covered:
Equipment, looking while drawing, scale and perspective, shading, colour temperatures, imagination and why bicycles are hard to draw.
This consisted of the kids telling me what to draw, making the drawings into a story and changing the style of work to illustrate different points.

Trev doing some art

Later I made a quick sketch to show how to draw a face (which was given away to the sitter). Afterwards the children drew each other with a really pleasant level of success.
They listened! It worked! Fascinating to see the different styles and attitudes.


Trevor the ‘art teacher’. Teehee. Now to do the same class with the schools 5 year olds…

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