Life Drawing 29.04.16. ‘A’ in green and blue. Plus little more work on Ms T.

‘A’ has one of the most sought after torso’s in life modelling. He was the first model I drew at the Mary Ward Centre.
This was the last pose of the night. 30 minutes. A few days later some work was made on the background. ‘Icarus’ might well be the title if it is exhibited.

Adrian as Icarus fallen

Here’s a close up of his famous ribcage.

Adrian as Icarus fallen detail

For some reason this image doesn’t photograph very well. I’m calling this ‘Aerial freed’, he looks reflective and tired. 30 minutes, with some work at home.

Adrian as Aerial remembering

Here it is again, photographed indoors. The Japanese ink I mixed in with the background colour is very sensitive to light.

Adrian as Aerial remembering detail

An artwork from last week of Ms T, which I’ve added some more colour.

Ms T reclining second state



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InsideNGO Branding

This branding project took up autumn and winter of 2015.
InsideNGO strengthen the operations and management of companies in the non-governmental organisation community. They are based in Washington, USA.
The logo has the idea of reaching out of the normal NGO structure implicit in it’s design.insidengo-logo-final-tagline-rgb
This is the Favicon and also an app logo

IN> logo

The business card, letterhead, envelope, app and website.


Some pages from the brand guideline publication.


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Life drawing 1 22/04/16. Ms T in many media

Ms T is a model with a dramatic presence; an arch of the eyebrow showing an inner strength? This work was planned in three distinct phases. The first marks were with a large brush heavily loaded with Wedgewood blue coloured acrylic making the structure and size of the composition, taking in a bit of the shadow on the figure. Next came the decisive blue conté pastel, working outwards from the middle left. In my mind was the line-work in Picasso’s mock classical Ingres influenced mono portraits of composers such as Poulenc & Stravinsky. Trying to stay relaxed and keeping up the confidence in the line.
Drawing the flip flops balanced the image and added a little humour.
Igor_Stravinsky_as_drawn_by_Pablo_Picasso_31_Dec_1920_-_Gallica original_stravinsky Picasso Poulenc
Next came a blue waxy pencil to add modelling to the form. A fluid 3o minutes.

T seated in blues acrylic pastel and pencil

A close up of the arching eyebrow.

T seated in blues acrylic pastel and pencil portrait

Charcoal is something I hardly ever use. After a discussion about mark making, the time was right for a smudgeathon. There is some subtle red pencil in there too. The hands could be better, though it wasn’t for trying. Almost like my eyes couldn’t grasp the form of the fingers.

T seated in charcoal conte and pencil

The stance of one of my fellow artists caught my eye and gave the model something to focus on (whether in reality she was looking there I will never know).

T seated in charcoal conte and pencil detail

The rules behind these two figures were to make looping shapes to build the image.
The blue background flattens the image in a pleasing manner.

T twice in light aqua standing

I like the colours when overlaying pencils. The pose was graceful in real life.
My attempt at Aphrodite at the waterhole from The Rebel? The hands are twice the size they should be.
T first pencil sketch 5 colours

This was fun. The marks were all over the place, until a decision was made to calibrate all the measurements from T’s nose. As another artist said it looks all rather Duran Duran, due to the choice of colour.

T crop eighties colour

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illustrations of windows

Creating a series of building illustrations for a map commission, I was pleased by the amount of shapes, sizes and styles that made up the windows. The architectural history is embedded in the designs, from the medieval to the modernist.

Windows for blog-01


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Large Birthday card collaboration. Plus photos.

Kate birthday card

This very large birthday card was a piece made with my children.
A lot of pencil sharpening with a scalpel.


Here’s some photography taken in the last month.

Reims comp 1

Reims Cathedral interior.

Reims comp 2

Looking at Reims Cathedral, photography by I Mill.


A German army helmet from the First World War, photography by I Mill.

daisies bluebells Peacock 1Kew gardens, photography by I Mill.

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Holiday Sketches

During some quiet moment I was able to sketch my children.

Eddy and Alex in contemplation of Hotel Transylvainia 2

The kids wanted to join in, hence the drawings which look like thoughts at the top of this page. These drawings are of me.

Eddy with Eddy doodles

The lower part of this page is rather cheery and was drawn by my middle son.

Izzy portrait with alex doodles

Izzy watching Big Hero 6

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Reeves summer suit offer.

I’ve been doing a lot of graphic work at the moment, though I’ve been unable to show anything yet to the public due to contractual reasons.

Here’s some work for my fashion client, REEVES which I can show you.

A summer suit offer entailed designing, retouching and setting his website up for trading, all within a tight deadline.

Reeves Made To Order temp flat 2b

The front of the website featured this image, as did his twitter and facebook in differing formats.

Reeves NYC MTO Summer Suit Offer

This is one of the website’s pages. 

Reeves comp shot master 1

The jacket originally had a pink lining. The background was influenced by cubism. I’m bored of cut out images on white, and I don’t like pretend shadows.



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