Life drawing 04.05.18. Barry with mask.

Barry in yellow

Bhind the mask. Painted in a frenzy. A lot of different media smudged, painted and drawn on. It holds together… just.

Barry in yellow detail

Detail of Behind mask, showing the build up of marks.

barry in mask from the floor

Being in the mask. Made from below, while on the floor. The colours are good and strong.

torso detail

Detail of the white plastic torso from Being in the mask.

barry x 3 one in mask

Barry in mask x3. The first three poses of the night.

Barry detail standing

Detail of Barry in mask x3.

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Life drawing 27.04.18. Glitter lady.

Glitter Platinum lady 1

Glitter Lady. Acrylic and pencil. Painted on paper prepared with dark grey paint and glitter. It reminds me of something the great Glam photographer Mick rock would have shot around 1973.

Glitter Platinum lady detail

Details of Glitter Lady. You can see how the glitter shows through, flattening the picture plane.

Platinum lady x 4

Platinum lady at 4 points in time. Worked on extensively at home. Silver pencil in her hair. The colours were thought about a bit more than usual. It might need further work.

Sisters and small mask

Platinum lady seated and standing with mask. The mask is a plaster sculpture. I think the Judee Sill album I was listening to seeped into the image. This is on the other side of Platinum lady at 4 points in time. The poses were directly after those first three (the forurth being a reflection)

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Claire portrait art book.

Here are some spreads of the book showing how the painting came into being.

Claire Cover_IW_20-50pg_Sm-Sqar_PremPpr_v1.inddClaire Pages_Small_Square_v1b.inddClaire Pages_Small_Square_v1b.inddClaire Pages_Small_Square_v1b.inddClaire Pages_Small_Square_v1b.indd

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Claire in the afternoon.

Claire in the afternoon Trevor Mill 2018 Final

This a portrait of a friend that I’ve been creating on and off for around a year.
Everybody (including myself) seems very happy with it.
There’s a earlier practice painting as well, shown below.


If you’d like to know more there’s a book on

Claire in the afternoon book


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Life drawing. Being there.

Picasso Exhibition

At the Picasso exhibition at the Tate. I sat down infront of ‘Girl Before a Mirror’. Many people came to view it in front of me. Being in the moment, I drew them too. Some interesting clothing choices. Lovely boots. Coat over the shoulders. Bright yellow trousers with a bold blue jacket.

Ed writing

One of my sons studying. With my sketchbook and hand.

Ed catching ball

One of my sons catching a beanbag. The large version was from life, the others trying to abstract the forms while keeping the same idea of the moment before the catch is made.

football sketches

Football games have a lot of standing about in them.

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Life Drawing: The couple at Angel 200418


Last Friday I went to a drop in class at Candid Arts Trust in Angel Islington. It was a very hot night which came out in the rather dramatic image below. The paper was prepared with two colours of grey applied with a sponge.

The couple at Angel 200418

The couple at Angel. 40 minutes. Acrylics with two different size brushes.

The couple at Angel 200418 detail lady

You can see how much paint was being used here in the detail.

The couple at Angel 200418 detail gent

My family thought this was a self portrait, which shocked me for a few reasons

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Easter holiday sketches.

Viewing the piste pencil Val Thorens Easter 2108

Sketching people on a snowy hill.

Eddy outside the window Val Thorens Easter 2108

The view from my window, with my youngest son mucking about.

Strasbourg tourist boat sketches

A boat trip in Strasbourg.

Alex Andy Eddy Val Thorens Easter 2108

Family after skiing.

Strasbourg Cathederal front

Strasbourg cathederal front. A masterpeice.

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