Brown Sketchbook: Summertime view and collage.

A summer view. Trying to get the strength of sunlight.

Two pages of collages. Juxtaposition. Connection. Like a lot of life at the moment; a sense of randomness, snatches of ideas.

Theses things have been inspirational. Strength of colour, taste and composition.

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Brown Sketchbook. Even more!

These pages are about watching my youngest son learn.

One of my favourite studies. The sunlight was blinding. The composition seems to work, there’s enough space, perspective, colours and lines to be interesting.

Here’s the other side of the garden, another study and a drawing made from the first study, making the forms more sturdy.

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The Brown Sketchbook. 4. And more…

Here’s a scary page, after talking to my youngest son about fleas we had a look at Robert Hooke’s brilliant and historically important Micrographica. Some of the art is by my son. The numbers look like interesting numerology but are just maths workings.

A double page spread with thoughts on repetition.

This quote from really got to me. Does it apply to art as well? Definitely something to work on there. Then I thought of Patricia Highsmith and her lack of empathy and her love of snails… I like a juxtaposition.

An old desiccated dragonfly who has seen better days wanted to be studied.

This was fun to do. the sketcher as time lapse camera.

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The Brown Sketchbook. 3. More.

Most of these pages have been worked on over a period of weeks or months. The large image is originally from watching 5 nations Rugby (underneath the paper he’s the kicker of the England team). There’s help with homework, kids drawings and trips to see relations and art (Early Bomberg at the National Gallery, just before the shutdown). There’s even some conceptual art – a rarity for me. Cutting up and sticking lengths of a tape measure on the back of the sketchbook. Enjoy.

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The Brown Sketchbook. 2. People!

I do like drawing people.

Most of these people I know very well. The nude was a model from a few years ago.

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Brown paper sketchbook. 1. Doodles!

This is the first batch of images from a nice LP sized sketchbook with brown card pages from CassArt.
I’ve been going back to old techniques I used at college, pasting in doodles and making the pages into an abstracted diary of these times.
Is doodling a sign of stress? Like itching? Has anyone made a book of the psychiatry of doodling? At one stage in my career I went through a phase of drawing elephants – the elephant in the room? Anyway…

Not much to say about these, take them as you find them. I seem to be working out colour combinations and doing quite a lot of shading and squirling.

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Spring Revision.

Painting after the event. The lack of model. Things get more plastic, colours stronger, design more obvious. The driving ideas in this work are sunlight on form, interiors and what is real in the world of the painting.
Again, Matisse and Picasso are influencing my work, with a dash of Hockney. Working in acrylic gives it as slight modern edge.

Spring Revison. Acrylic and oil pastel, over an old painting on paper. Late April – 3rd May 2020.
Below are some details and what the painting looked like when it was called ‘David and Bathsheba’

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