Life drawing 10: 20.03.15. 2 models.

As soon as you have two figures in space your mind creates a narrative.
The act of having to describe the space between the models give the image grounding. These are not people floating in space but real humans in a real room.

2 ladies on gold
This gold paper is quite something to work with. It makes a dramatic composition even stronger. 50 minutes.

2 ladies on red rug
The last pose. There’s some distortions, some on purpose (moving the figures closer, making the nearest foot bigger) some not (The length of the nearest legs). The legs at the top make the composition to me. The smears are cleaning the palette; I hate wasting paint. 50 minutes.

2 ladies x5

5 poses of 5 minutes each. The model was very near in the largest image. So much so her face distorted on the page, becoming longer  than it should have been. The stick was not red. Making it red give the composition rhythm. It might be fun to put this in photoshop and make them into another composition; this time in perspective and landscape.

Mr Skellington v4The final? version of Mr Skellington. More work on the ribs. Again made in the minutes before the class started, at a different angle than the week before. I like the idea of the same pose, same model, same artist and differing space between the two.

I may well be having an exhibition of some of these works in September.



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Life drawing 9: 13.03.15. Morgan & the 3 minute paintings.

This pose was for 1 hour. The artwork originally had a head, but I found it was distracting from the landscape feel of the composition.

Morgan_reclining_v1  This is how it used to look.

Morgan x6These images apart from the left one all took 3 minutes each. Quite a challenge. The large work on the left took 10 minutes.

Skellington v3Some more work on Mr. Skellington, mostly on the ribs. To scratch through the paint surface to the gold paper underneath is very satisfying.


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Life Drawing 06.03.15. Barry on claret. Plus more Skellington.

Skellington Skull Skellington 070315 Barry with his back to us Barry as the blind travellerBarry as blind manBarry and his feet

The evening was a great release after a stressful day.

Mr Skellington was added to in the breaks. Barry was a nice chap who looked to me like an Elizabeth Frink figure come to life.

The seated pose took 20 minutes.

The last pose  which you could call ‘The Blind Pilgrim’ took 1hour 20 minutes. In real life it was a broom; I thought ‘The Blind Caretaker’ didn’t sound as good. So the brush was left out. I’ve purposely heightened the perspective; I was kneeling for the painting. I think you can see how near I was from the ‘lens warp’. Again, the paper was a joy to work on. Good on you GF Smith and my printer, Oldacres.

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NHS Reinstatement Bill 2015

NHS A5 020315 TM-1 blog

NHS A5 020315 TM-2 blog


I’m very proud to be part of this.

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Life drawing 6: 17.02.15. The Zabludowicz Collection

This is a drop in class on Wednesdays in Kentish Town.

The Zabludowicz Collection is a very nice space, in an old church but without the camaraderie of the Mary Ward. It seemed a fair bit quieter, due to the height of the ceiling and that as it wasn’t a course no-one seemed to have a connection to anyone else. People were friendly in the break.

Zabludowicz Collection SeatedPainting is not allowed so pastels were used instead. This piece was worked on afterwards.
30 minutes in the class and about 20 minutes at home.

Zabludowicz Collection standing 2 and 3
The warm up pose. The large face was quickly sketched in the last minute. The model wore wrist warmers, which gave the images some graphic strength. Pastels. 15 minutes.
Zabludowicz Collection standing back
I’ was pleased this pose got fixed in the last minute with the strong red oil pastel. The squares were mirrors on the floor, some artwork. 15 minutes.

Zabludowicz Collection standing legs
This pose was is always on the edge of balance. The model was standing on a box. 15 minutes.

Zabludowicz Collection interior 2  A very quick sketch before the class started. 5 minutes.

Zabludowicz Collection standing 1  A graphic looking off-cut. 5 minutes.

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Life Drawing 7: 27,02.15. Andrew & his Torso.

Andrew in blues on brownAndrew has a great torso. He has modelled at the British museum amongst the statues. The classical look of his musculature gives drama to any image of him. Nice guy too. This took 15 minutes. Painted over an average drawing. You can see the old hand on the left.

Andrew expessionist

This pose brought out a German expressionist feel. At the time it didn’t  look too distorted. I might put some colour washes on the background. You can see the three ‘boxers reach’ muscles underneath his armpit. 30 minutes.

Andrew times two

Two 15 minute poses. Rivers of muscles.

Andrew on donkeyOldacres, my favourite printers have given me some outrageously nice paper. What a colour. Deep Claret Colorplan by GF Smith, 270(?) gsm. The brush strokes are trying to go with the line of the muscle tone. The colours chosen were to make the image flat, letting the marks and tones do the work of making the image 3D.

Skull on gold paper

Shiny gold paper! This was made in the 20 minutes before the lesson. I should do more on this.

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Museum Of London: Sherlock Holmes web game.

The original homepage. The headline text faded in and out.
The design works perfectly on laptop, tablet and mobile.


A sample of game pages. The headline type fades after 5 seconds. Rather atmospheric.
The woodblock typeface was printed and scanned in quite a while ago now. There are lots of different impressions and amounts of ink / paint of each character. Nice.

Sherlock_sign-up-page_141118_rgb  Sherlock_MasterTemplate_141120_rgb-b Sherlock_MasterTemplate_141120_rgb-c  Sherlock_MasterTemplate_141120_rgb--h   Sherlock_MasterTemplate_141120_rgb-f  Sherlock_MasterTemplate_141120_rgb-g Sherlock_MasterTemplate_141120_rgb-d  Sherlock_MasterTemplate_141120_rgb-e    Sherlock_MasterTemplate_141120_rgb-z

Created with super coder / writer Darren, super account lady Nazz & super account person Malcolm.

Close ups of the suspects. All but one were drawn from life, then exaggerated to fit the mood. notice the colour coding.

Marie Devine  Hugh Boone  Mary Watson Mortimer Tregennis  Violet Smith  Shinwell Johnson

Close ups of the murder weapons.

accupuncture needle  Aconite  CobblestoneCrowbar  heart attack   Poisoned Syringe

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