Life drawing 4: 220515. David the action model.

David really makes every pose something special.
It’s a pleasure to try and live up to his standards.

David four times

This pose took a lot of marks before it started to coalesse. Painting a face that’s upside down takes a fair bit of checking. The perspective held problems. John the tutor’s advice came to the rescue.

David on his back

To try and re-create on the paper the tension and strength of the pose made me work pastels into the acrylic. The forces became palpable.

David dynamic seated

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AB Smiles Sunny Sunday Magnolia.

The final work. A commission.

AB FINAL 120515

The work at angles.

final side 2final side 1final top v1Final eye v1

The work seems to handle being played with.
Here’s a harder version, more like an old master palette and blue period Picasso version.

AB FINAL stronger 120515 AB FINAL blue period 120515

I still like this large sketch from life.

Antonia study good quality


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Life Drawing 3: 150515. Deborah & the British Museum

An hour of intense concentration ended up with something powerful,
but not a subtle as  what was infront of me.

Deborah reclining

Three ten minute poses. The middle image used the looping method of drawing in a series of ovals. The ones either side were constructed out of boxes.

Deborah walking kneeling and resting

Mr Skellington and the model. 10 minutes.
Made with a sponge and a conté pastel tied to a paintbrush.

Deborah standing next to Mr Skellington

The next three images were made in the defining the body exhibition at the British Museum. My notebook is around A6.

I needed a sit down, so looking up, I drew the nearest Venus.

British Museum Venus from below

This head was larger than life. Dramatic lighting.

Britsh Museum sketch head of a goddes


Aphrodite. A great pose.

Britsh Museum Aphrodite crouching at her bath sketch

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Life Drawing 2: 080515. Barry in colour.

This gold paper is tough. Conté pastels don’t attach to the surface but scrape through the paint, revealing the gold underneath. 45 minutes. The reflection makes the image.

Barry seated on gold

A close up of of Barry, You can see the scratches.I’d forgotten the dark grey, so I was mixing the green and red.

Barry on gold head detail

Mr Skellington was painted while we were setting up. The quick poses included holding the pastel on the end of a  brush, in your hand like a claw and with the ‘wrong’ right hand.

Barry x 3 and mr skellington x 2

This was a ten minute pose taking what ever was to hand. The colour choices were not thought of.

Barry in yellow, brown and green

This ten minute pose was made using the style of Pointillism. Then I added some lines at the end.

Barry as points in charcoal

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Life Drawing 1: 010515. Bea in blue on claret and gold.

Bea 8 posesBea is a director of photography as well as being a life model.
Here she is eight times. There were 4 poses of around ten minutes. There were different approaches to each painting. These included negative space, looping in the main forms, horizontal measurements and just letting it happen. I moved the paper up and down rather than move myself.

Bea seated with reflection on claret

Fun choosing which colours might go with the deep claret of the card. Stronger drawing at the start would have helped the finished product.

Bea reclining on gold

The green was chosen after talking about verdigris. Body as landscape again.

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WSM sunday afternoons

This painting was a major commission.
The influences, sketches and progress of the work was made into a book which you can look at and purchase here.

Screen shot 2015-04-21 at 15.25.10

My painting career seems to be taking off.
If you wish to commission a portrait please email me.

The title comes from the initials of the sitters and the fact that I painted the initial sketches on Sunday afternoons.

Below is the final work of three canvases.



Here’s an animation of the creation.


The paintings are made to work together or as on their own.

WSM_Final_020215 c

WSM_Final_020215 b

WSM_Final_020215 a


Some close ups.

M close up 2 sm


P1200568a P1200573 P1200590





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Pop design: With love.

“Why Is This Happening?” is a song about immigration in the UK from the immigrants point of view.

The #WITHlove2015UK campaign is a music-led initiative to release a song to raise awareness and fight back against the growing anti-immigration and often racist rhetoric prevalent with UK politicians and the media. We want to change the tune of the one-note anti-immigration rhetoric during the UK election.”

CD promo cover.
The idea: The colours conflict in the middle closing a door on Pola’s defiant image. The colour choice references the Union Jack.

With Love cd artwork v4a

CD promo back cover.

With Love cd artwork v4 b

Facebook strip.

with love uk v1 typeface 2

Different logos and copy blocks. As you can see originally the campaign had a lighter feel. The client came up against problems, people thinking it was a UKIP thing rather than an Anti-UKIP thing.

with love uk v1-5 extras

A quick original typeface, let’s call it ‘Jaunty Jack’.

with love uk v1 typeface 2-14


See for more.

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