Works worked on.

Arial Remembers
Acrylic, conté pastel, pencils, Japanese ink and lots of varnish. May 2016. 70x100cm.
What happens after the action of the Tempest? Now free from obligation, what would Aerial do?

Adrian as Aerial remembering final

A Reflection
Oils, acrylics, conté pastel, pencils and varnish. May 2016. 70x100cm.
A figure in a room being viewed. The graphite black floor makes for an exciting composition. Natural yet considered, lines and contours, blends and sharp edges.
in between the life painting it was and a painting.

A reflection


A reflection profile detail

One of my favourite painted feet.

A reflection foot detail

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Life drawing 20.05.16. ‘A’ & ‘M’ in pencil Plus Mr. Skellington.

Posh coloured pencils this week as a client meeting earlier meant I had my smart clothes on; they would have attracted oil paint.

The two models were fantastic to draw, their physiques and personalities being quite different all that was needed was to record the relationship; the narrative / design would reveal itself.

This is the hour long pose. It will be worked on later. Drawn from the floor.Andrew reclined and Mike seated

This is something not tried for a while. Bringing the image into photoshop and adding colour blocks helps solve some problems in the composition. I like a clock in the design which shows when the drawing was made… 6:37pm.

Andrew stance 1 plus hand and Mike seated twice

For this work the old challenge of not taking the pencil off the paper was tried. There was no thought to planning or proportion. In the moment. A fellow artist is in the background.

Andrew Mike automatic drawing

A new drawing of Mr Skellington. To be continued…

Mr Skellington v6 a

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Holloway Art Lending Library: 3 works lent.

I thought this was a great idea.
So, I’ve lent 3 works (slightly changed and varnished) to the library.
Art for all.

The Holloway Art Lending Library exhibits participating artists’ work and lends it to members.

The aim of the project is to promote the work of professional artists, encourage the work of amateur artists and give the public the opportunity to enjoy original art in their home or place of business.

Lending exhibits take place quarterly and allow members to borrow one artwork for three months, free of charge.

The Holloway Art Lending Library is hosted in Resource for London’s first floor gallery (map). Stop by from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday or 10am-4pm at the weekend to view the collecton.

All art in the collection will be available for members to borrow during quarterly lending sessions, with the next taking place from 3-5 June (10am-4pm).


A little wax pencil on the skull, a fair bit of varnish and voilá! it is finished.


Again, a little pencil and varnish to send it on it’s way.


Just varnish for ‘M’.

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Life drawing 13.05.16. ‘D’ in oils.

I’m trying to make sure you have the feel of a real person in a real room.
The stylisation happens in accidentally.

D seated

With the range of hues, positioning of the figure and range of brushstrokes, this has normal, academic feel. There is a lot of colours balancing for such a simple composition.

‘D’ is painted on a 1960’s oil board (canvas glued to a nice quality cardboard). The painting was blocked out with masking tape and a sponge loaded with diluted paint. Then the process of adding more colour, a bit of smudging, a little wax pencil and some good advice from John Close, the tutor (thanks for the yellow).
1 hour.

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Life drawing 06.05.16. ‘A’ The lady dancer in oils.

This week oil paint and paper met with a lot of non toxic turps substitute.
The interaction was sometimes frustrating but gives these works a different feel than the usual acrylic marks.

The model, ‘A’  is fantastic and has been the star of many compositions. The artwork has to live up to what you want to capture, with ‘A’ the picture should reflect her serenity and strength. In this piece the reflection and the dynamism of the stance were main starting points. This will be worked on later in the year. No title as yet…  50 minutes.

A on seated reflected with blue

A close up of the foot showing the blurring of the oil paint, the intensity of the colour, the smears of the compressed charcoal.

A foot in oil

Two figures. The oil was soaking into the paper in interesting ways. The ribbon was wrapped around ‘A’ to highlight the horizontal. There is a nice balance in these two poses. 15 minutes each.

A twice in blue and magenta with ribbon

‘A’ in profile. A way of capturing the profile that is akin to sculpting away until the right lines are found. Made at the same time as the above.

A in profile in magenta oil

A reflection. 20 minutes.

A and reflections in magentas and blue

The first image of the night. You can see the struggle with the paint on paper, so much different to oils on canvas. 20 minutes.

A in magentas


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Bowie Party Invite, plus rare playlist

Trev Bowie Party 7th May Purple version

I had a Bowie party, with a bit of Prince. Here’s the invite.

Now I know you all have everything that Bowie and Prince have released, so this is my playlist of some more obscure tracks.
‘where’s Rupert the Riley?’ I hear you say, well these were the obscure cuts that party-goers might dance to…

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 09.47.05

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Life Drawing 29.04.16. ‘A’ in green and blue. Plus little more work on Ms T.

‘A’ has one of the most sought after torso’s in life modelling. He was the first model I drew at the Mary Ward Centre.
This was the last pose of the night. 30 minutes. A few days later some work was made on the background. ‘Icarus’ might well be the title if it is exhibited.

Adrian as Icarus fallen

Here’s a close up of his famous ribcage.

Adrian as Icarus fallen detail

For some reason this image doesn’t photograph very well. I’m calling this ‘Aerial freed’, he looks reflective and tired. 30 minutes, with some work at home.

Adrian as Aerial remembering

Here it is again, photographed indoors. The Japanese ink I mixed in with the background colour is very sensitive to light.

Adrian as Aerial remembering detail

An artwork from last week of Ms T, which I’ve added some more colour.

Ms T reclining second state



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