Pop design: With love.

“Why Is This Happening?” is a song about immigration in the UK from the immigrants point of view.

The #WITHlove2015UK campaign is a music-led initiative to release a song to raise awareness and fight back against the growing anti-immigration and often racist rhetoric prevalent with UK politicians and the media. We want to change the tune of the one-note anti-immigration rhetoric during the UK election.”

CD promo cover.
The idea: The colours conflict in the middle closing a door on Pola’s defiant image. The colour choice references the Union Jack.

With Love cd artwork v4a

CD promo back cover.

With Love cd artwork v4 b

Facebook strip.

with love uk v1 typeface 2

Different logos and copy blocks. As you can see originally the campaign had a lighter feel. The client came up against problems, people thinking it was a UKIP thing rather than an Anti-UKIP thing.

with love uk v1-5 extras

A quick original typeface, let’s call it ‘Jaunty Jack’.

with love uk v1 typeface 2-14


See withlove2015uk.com for more.

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Easter Holidays: Ancient places. Silbury Hill, Avebury and Arbour Low

The biggest ancient man-made hill in Europe. No, you can’t walk up it. Near Stonehenge.silbury hill 1 sm

These stones have real charisma. The usual suspects?Avebury stones usual suspects



Arbour Low in Derbyshire. The hills around are peaked with barrows.

Arbour Low sm


Arbour Low barrow. The hill is Bronze age over a ancient rectangle burial plot.

Arbour low barrow

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Easter Holidays: Tulips.

Flower painting has never been something i’ve tried. I went through a period of painting rubber plants, but never pretty flowers. It is spring and the abundance of natures bounty has moved me to produce these quick pen drawings.

Tulips 1

Trying to get the feeling of sunlight.

Tulips 2

The first drawing in which marks are different for the different textures.

tulips 3

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Easter Holidays: Parents plus Ed.

The model’s feet are at the top of this image. It’s now been coloured in; in an intermediate stage.


Out came the felt tips. You can feel the electric light.


Watching Paddington.


Parents and Ed

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Wolf Hall. Drawn while watching TV.

Obviously the series was riveting. I liked the amount of anguished staring.

These drawings were made with the finest of fine liners.

As usual there were rules to the drawings; all drawing must be done while the programme is on, no freeze frames.

Photographed with a macro lens.

P1200693Anne BolynneThomas moreHenry More etc P1200696

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Life drawing 10: 20.03.15. 2 models.

As soon as you have two figures in space your mind creates a narrative.
The act of having to describe the space between the models give the image grounding. These are not people floating in space but real humans in a real room.

2 ladies on gold
This gold paper is quite something to work with. It makes a dramatic composition even stronger. 50 minutes.

2 ladies on red rug
The last pose. There’s some distortions, some on purpose (moving the figures closer, making the nearest foot bigger) some not (The length of the nearest legs). The legs at the top make the composition to me. The smears are cleaning the palette; I hate wasting paint. 50 minutes.

2 ladies x5

5 poses of 5 minutes each. The model was very near in the largest image. So much so her face distorted on the page, becoming longer  than it should have been. The stick was not red. Making it red give the composition rhythm. It might be fun to put this in photoshop and make them into another composition; this time in perspective and landscape.

Mr Skellington v4The final? version of Mr Skellington. More work on the ribs. Again made in the minutes before the class started, at a different angle than the week before. I like the idea of the same pose, same model, same artist and differing space between the two.

I may well be having an exhibition of some of these works in September.



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Life drawing 9: 13.03.15. Morgan & the 3 minute paintings.

This pose was for 1 hour. The artwork originally had a head, but I found it was distracting from the landscape feel of the composition.

Morgan_reclining_v1  This is how it used to look.

Morgan x6These images apart from the left one all took 3 minutes each. Quite a challenge. The large work on the left took 10 minutes.

Skellington v3Some more work on Mr. Skellington, mostly on the ribs. To scratch through the paint surface to the gold paper underneath is very satisfying.


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