Drink drawing in wet Wales. Holiday sketchbook 6.

These were also created in the long weekend in Wales. it was rather rainy, so drinking seemed to make more sense than usual.

Trev hands 220816

Five right hands.

As I coloured
I, A’s daughter. She is much prettier in real life. and has the most auburn curly hair.

As boys 200816
A’s sons. It is all too common a mistake to add a few years on a children when you draw them.

Around the table with J N G I and others 210816
The large dining table. One side was drawn by another artist, James Oliver. The scalpel was to sharpen the pencils.

J and T drunken sketch off 210816
Here’s James drawing me, as I draw him… while drinking. Was it whisky by that point? Laphroaig Quarter Cask…
You’ll like his work. See it here: http://www.jamesoliverart.net

T not so good 210816
I had a rare occurrence, a face I could NOT get ‘right’. Giving up on it was annoying as the figure drawing was not bad. Sorry T.

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Feel Ortho in Wales. Portraits of the DC family. Holiday Sketchbook 5.

This was a long weekend in the amazing Foel Ortho.
See http://www.farmhouseinwales.com for more info.
The images have an intense atmosphere to them which wasn’t present at the the time. I did drink a fair bit of Whisky so it might have been that. these works are in an A2 sketchbook and made with pencils – most of which were lost in a Harry Potter themed Cluedo box.

ED 200816
I like drawing ED. He has great presence.

AD in profile
AD has a lively mind.

MMD Wales 200816
M-MD is as sparky as a happy pixie.

GDC 220816GDC. I could not work out where I was going wrong with this image. A real shame as GDC has everything that makes a great subject. The sketchpad was on my lap, therefore the whole image was stretched. Now that I’ve widened it out the image looks better.

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Airplanes: inflight entertainment. Summer holiday sketchbooks 5.

There’s a fair few of these drawings.
A great way to while away the time in the air in between water and crackers.
Don’t watch the Revenant on a plane next to a kid btw.

E and I and large Canadian on Plane b


The size difference was rather comical. The Canadian was HUGE.
E has perfected the jetlagged look.

TM right hand portrait on plane

There is always your hand when the models are playing Candy Crush.

I twice on plane to Canada

I’s hat and the blast of heaven from the window made for some dramatic lighting.

I on a plane watching the movie Martian


So that’s what it looks like in a iPhone camera.

I watching another comic book adaptation.

I on plane on phone with headphones

The light changed (the inside lights were turned down, hence the differing colours.

head of I with headphones

Any reflective surface will do.

Self portrait in pencil by TM 2016

E and a 5 year old’s restless energy.

E sleepy watching Snoopy on WestJet To Toronto 2016 DSCF4916

A immersed in the iPad.

A on plane

Finally my wonderful K.Watching Deadpool next to a 5 years old. Mummy why is …

K on plane watching Deadpool

Notice her ultra cool green Adidas Sl 73’s. I now have three pairs.

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The airport waiting game. Holiday Sketchbooks 4.

La Guardia. Ipads on the tables. Sharing a chair. A google based game. Indulgent Canadians helping my sons out.

E and A with Canadians at La Guardia


Heads down. No boogie.

I and A waiting in La Guardia

We were talking about The Shining, hence the 70’s colouring of the airport.

E on ipad and K on plane

It was all tasteful beige in real life.

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The beach and the park. Summer holiday sketchbooks 3.

Drawing on the beach is uncomfortable. Sand in your pencil box. Sun on your back. Musn’t grumble.

Spainish A on Nantucket

Nantucket beach, near the lighthouse. I and E. E was having a chat with the fishermen. The current was strong around there. Notice the American flag at the bottom. The love of the  Stars and Stripes was very endearing. It made everything look festive.

I and E on Nantucket

Another sketch from near the same viewpoint, showing the fishermen and someone’s proud grandfather, teaching his grandson how to use a reel. From a distance.
In the foreground are E’s foot and A’s head. I like how strong sunlight makes for bold graphic shapes.

Nantucket beach

The next three sketches are of big rocks in central park NYC, near the kids playground. Like an art class A, E and I each took turns at recording the scene. Really interesting results. Notice A in the front viewing the scene, A’s use of stars in the sky and E’s condensing of information from both of the other works.

Kids in Central Park NYCA draws Central ParkE draws Central Park

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A black cat on Shelter Island. Summer holiday sketchbooks 2.

This lovely black cat wasn’t allowed outside the house.
For the reason that the wildlife is a bit more aggressive than in blighty.

A Cat Sheter Island USA 2106

With animal works I can’t help thinking of Albrecht Dürer and his hare, the highpoint for of observational art in this sphere. Nice to know what’s gone before.

A balck cat in pencils

The sitter was quite accommodating, for a cat. The eyes opened only for a few seconds.

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A family in coloured pencils. Summer holiday sketchbooks 1.

Three sons, each image trying to capture their personality.AA in coloured pencils USA 2016 TA in colored pencils USA 2016 WA in coloured pencil USA 2016
LSA, drawn while she made dinner.LS portrait in pencils TM 2016
On the beach. Not particularly flattering portrait of JA LSA and KC. All are much more attractive in real life. Under-drawing by one of my kids.DA and K on Hamptons beachA stronger coloured sketch of one of the boys.
AA in strong colour

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