A birthday card, a leaving card

My daughter. A birthday card. In acrylic and pencil on card.


A trampoline themed cake.


S,C&L’s leaving card. Good friends and neighbours. S drawn from life. C inspired by medieval Saints holding her house, No.15.


Sketches from life. C on the iPad.


S in pencil and oil paint.


A previous portrait of the gang of three, S,C&L.


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Life drawing 3. Rhythm and colour

Here’s a compilation of paintings from the session, quickly photoshopped.
Using up the orange Farrow and Ball tester pot, a colour named Charlotte’s Locks.
Each separate figure took around 15mins.g-5-times-comp

This my well be worked on. As usual the thought was to energise the reclining pose, transforming it from slumber to a broiling seascape.
I’ve taken reference photography on the material not the model: that would not be the done thing.g-reclining-in-material

A quick seated pose with ribbon, which helps show the lateral forms.
Notice the time of night. 15 mins.

A close up of the portrait.
This has since been worked on and is now in a little exhibition at a local café. 15 mins.

Mr Skellington on a ground of aluminium primer. Made before the class started. 20mins.


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Life drawing 2. Size and speed.

This Friday questions of size and speed were going round in my head.

Size as I want to get my smaller work to have the same passion as the large pieces. Speed in that I want to communicate the length of the pose in the marks made; compare painting below to the boxer pose later in the post.


Man & skull. Acrylic on small canvas. A muted palette. A sense of solidity and tension.

Two exercises. Painting from the inside of the figure and painting the shapes around the figure. The interesting colourful splodges are the smearing of the palette at the end of the session. I hate throwing paint away.


The penitent. This was drawn on the floor below the model. This could be a good start for a religious painting of some sort. The pose reminds my of the donors in the corners of pre renaissance religious art. Japanese ink and conté pastel.

The warm up pose. Painted in Japanese ink with acrylic added at the end.
Started from the neck, which was a mistake.

The pugilist. The ink came in handy to intimate the speed. Put on with a sponge, it quickly laid the foundations for the rest of the work. Acrylic added for highlights.

A fun bonus sketch of a workmate on a conference call.

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Eddy Tennis Party: invite & cake


Using my old Avant Garde Gothic scan for the type in the tennis ball.
The photo session was fun.

The cake was a Victoria sponge with strawberry racket, strung with chocolate and with a marscapone, yogurt and raspberry background.


The party was at the great Islington tennis centre.


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Life drawing 1. Exercises.

Back into another session of life drawing at the wonderful Mary Ward Centre.
Nice to see some familiar faces.

Drawn with both hands at once on an  A3 cardboard envelope. 10 minutes.lady-drawn-in-two-hands-at-once
The other side of the envelope.

A drawing exercise where we screwed the paper up first. made with a ‘claw hand’.
A3. 15 minutes.lady-on-clumped-paper
A large oil sketch. The first creation of the night. 20 minutes.
There is a solidity of build, but not much finesse.

Drawing exercises. The blue figure was created with my right hand.
The red figure made with a long brush, holding at its furthest point.drawing-right-hand-lady-claw-hand-lady

A canvas 36cm high x 32cm wide. Oil painting.
Nice structure but too messy and muddy for me. A starting point for more painting.lady-in-oils-small

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Heeeeere’s a sports jacket ad!

As American as I get. You’ll know it from ‘The Shining’.
So Johnny Carson (a famous chat show host) used to wear these type of jackets, which are coming back into fashion.

Sport jacket is a funny word. I wouldn’t want to play tennis in them.

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Saints in the café.

saints-in-the-cafe-230916aThese are two local gentlemen. One wears Rasta clothes and nail varnish, the other a nice fedora. Both have walking sticks, which gave me a link to bring them into the same image.

Media used: Wood base, acrylic, pencils, metallic paint, gold paint, silver paint, mod lodge (a painting glue), gesso, white gold leaf, retoucher’s varnish, spangly nail varnish, oil paint thinned with liquin and spray varnish.


Here’s a close up, showing the varnish and mod podge, giving a depth acrylic doesn’t usually have, also see how the pencils and acrylic work together.


This saint has bad eyesight, hence the blurred technique. The size of the hands are consciously large and expressive.

saints-1st-state saints-2nd-state saints-3rd-state
These are 3 earlier states. The painting became calmer as it went along.

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