Holiday sketchbook USA

26 images:a
STAR WARS: Rogue One. On the plane.
Eddy on the plane.
Eddy watching Lion Guard. Which is TERRIBLE.
My hand on the pull out table.
Izzy on the beach with a large lizard lurking in the background.
In the pool.
The Alligator farm. Scary. Everything strted to look like a croc.
Alex drinking a huge slurpy.
View from the beach.
Kate working.
Morning outside our silver airstream caravan.
Waiting beside the pool.
Izzy in the queue for Space Mountain.
Watching Ant & Dec at DisneyWorld.
Beside the pool. Working out how to draw the water.
Hand by the pool.
Sunbathing is a bit dull so…
Plane journey 2. Kates le and Alex reading and drinking and moving a lot.
Kate and Alex.
Alex in blue with two hats.
An architecture boat tour in Chicago.
A messy hotel room.
Plane journey 3. Eddy plays Fruit Ninja. Kate’s feet in the background.
Watching ‘How to Steal a Million’ on the plane. Audry Hepburn and Peter O’Toole. Fun.
Watching ‘Casablanca’ after the plane lights were turned off. Brilliant as always.


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Life Drawing 9. Robin part 2

This was the final session before the Easter break.
Adding the standing figure and background in two hours.
The palette is more considered, the brushstokes a little less dramatic.

Robin x2

If it’s exhibited I’ll try and work out a narrative. This could well be worked on before the next set of classes.

Robin x2 crop

A close up of his torso.

Robin standing

A warm up sketch.


It won’t be long until I see you again old friend.

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Life drawing 8. Robin part 1.

Robin is a great actor and model. He is dramatic even when reclining.
Now that is a loud background. An hour.Robin on his own
This is the first part. There is room on the left for another pose, to be painted next Friday.

Two small paintings. A twisty pose. Robin twice small

A large version of the main pose. 25 minutes.
Robin double plus

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Sketches made when waiting…

A self portrait in a little mirror. I like being a bit unflattering with myself. No hairbrush, early night or shave for me. The eye is closed as the mirror was so near the two eyes were giving differnet views. Made while waiting for my youngest to do his homework…Self portrait in 20 minutes pencilSome nice flowers, the sketch I had just made, a glass of water and my son’s arm. Still doing his homework.flower in pencil with arm of Ed

My niece is in a fantastic group of musicians called Quintetta. They were playing a lunchtime concert in a beautiful Wren designed Church, St. Stephen Walbrook’s in the City of London. Really well played and arranged. There was also an exhibition of Francis Bacon works in the church! These Bacon drawings are contested but not bad (the signatures are rather large…). at St Stephen Walbrook Church 210317
Here’s a close up.
Detail of Quintetta at St Stephen Walbrook Church 210317

Here’s some sketches made on a weekend away with my trusty Palimino Blackwing pencil.
I’m happy now that people do not stand still for me. Just put down what you see infront of you.

On the ferry from the Isle of Wight…kate on the ferry
In a treehouse waiting for pizza to cook…
inside the treehouse
Waiting for the roast potatoes.
Living room earlier
Waiting for the Isle of Wight ferry to take us back to the mainland.waiting for the isle of wight ferry
Lastly, I do like photographing work at unusual angles.
detail of self portrait 190317

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Life Drawing 7. Bright!


Heaters are great to paint. Heater on a hot colour. The bright base layer helped the skintone, gold paint helped too. Acrylics and pencils. 1 hour for the main painting, the pencils took around 30 minutes while eating a late snack around midnight.

M reclining on red paper

A detail of the face. The poor model had fainted earlier in the session, so the reclining pose was a must.

M reclining on red paper detail

Four poses on blue. Each pose was made in a differnet way.
From left: Only painting upwards, Made with blended colour with pencils at the end, below using a pointelist technique and made using a line structure.

m four times in different styles

This ended up looking like a 1950’s style portrait. A nice range of textures.

pointelist portrait of M




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The tv series was pretty good fun and never less than a feast for the eye.
As we watched the pen was used to take notes of all the unusual physiognomies infront of me. These were then collated in photoshop, the characters grouped together. The sizes of the drawings have not been changed.

taboo template 2

Here’s photos of the cast to compare with my scrawls.

Taboo ast images

Here’s a photoshop offcut and the cover of the sketchbook, dating from 1810.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 18.00.31  old book


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Life drawing 6: on coloured ground.

Lady on pinky red full painting

In the middle of the night the thought came to put solid colours onto paper. Three sheets were prepared with acrylic applied with a printing roller. The next evenings work benefited from the bright ground. Gold paint works well against the fuschia. A good strong diagonal with a balancig ‘horizon’ strip along the top. The last pose of the night. 1hr.

red studio
As in the Matisse work ‘Red Studio’ the background does not receed. The effect is to state this is a painting decorative and beautifu, as well as what is seen infront of the artist.

A close up of the face showing how the colours and brush strokes and charcoal marks work.

Lady on pinky red

Six short poses on grey ground. The class conentrated on hands and feet. A touch of the programme ‘Taboo’ in the ghostly colours and dramatic lighting.

Lady 5 times my hand on dark grey

The unused blue sheet of paper. Rather nice as it is.

blue paper

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