Life Drawing 17.07.15. Yuka with the nose-ring.

I have a forthcoming exhibition at the Mary Ward centre 21st September to Saturday 17th October. The title of the show is Information/Expression.

The final artwork in this series of life paintings. What a fantastic 12 week course it has been. This post was around 1 hour. The perspective is quite strong as the material was really near me. The orange chair might be a little small, but that’s how it seemed to me at the time.

Yuka seated with orange chair


I wanted to capture the changing light and heightened the colours, making the eye fill in the gaps between the tones and shades.

Yuka middle

A close up of the head, showing her nose-ring.

YUKA head crop

The model was suffering form the heat so we had a 25 minute reclining pose, which reminded me of the figures made from dust in Pompeii.

Yuka at Pompei crop

The first two poses.20 minutes & 15 minutes.

Yuka in blue x2

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This project has been most enjoyable.
Alan D Boyd is a good guy, who also has a lot of good content, perfect for a website.
The main idea was to have two colour coded routes for the two main parts of his business.
The large amount of good photography was made into chapter images  showing Alan composing, directing, recording etc. Testimonials re-inforce how good he is.

The home page.


The homepage on a mobile phone. All the website is adaptable.


The sound splash page.


Music to picture.


Music to order.


Alan’s personal projects.


The vision splash page.


The music videos page.


The documentary / films page.


The blog.


The contact page.


Please go to for the full experience.

Here’s the related business cards:

Alan D Boyd Bus card v4 2015 art-1

Alan D Boyd Bus card v4 2015 art-2

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Life Drawing 03.07.15: Matthew and Skellington.

Matthew is a bodybuilder. This evening’s lesson worked well. Two alternating poses in periods of 15 minutes throughout the lesson. a chance to make a very large painting with a strong composition. The focal point is the reflection in the mirror, with Mr Skellington in front.

This image will be worked on later; the colours need working out and the imagery needs tightening up.

Matthew and Skellington 2 page

Some details.

Matthews strong features.

Standing bust detail Matthew and Skellington

Mr Skellington looking out.

Skull detail Matthew and Skellington

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Life Drawing: 100715. Firbaus on Gold

This was painted over an older daub; it gives you something to work against. The shiny gold has a strength and association that makes anything on it have a narrative edge. 1 hour 15 minutes. The heat was making the model slightly drowsy…

Firbaus seated on gold Octavia

Here’s a close up of the above.

Firbaus seated on gold Octavia detail

The first pose of 20 minutes.

Firbaus standing in cyan and magenta

Two ten minute poses. With Mr. Skellington.

Firbaus standing in cyan twice with Mr Skellington

Another ten minutes.

Firbaus head

A ten minute drawing in between the last pose. The pose was so dramatic I had to capture it. Made with an oil pastel taped to a paint brush end while sitting on the floor.

Skellington & Firbaus seated red oil pastel

Like this. Photo by the Tutor, John Close.

Trevor Drawing Mr Skellington

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35 portraits in one day.

My lovely neighbours.



On Sunday the 5th we had a street party. Bands, huge amounts of food, some history and lots of fun.  I was on the Art stall with my easel and some pastels. A great time was had by all.

Screen shot 2015-07-07 at 10.10.00Screen shot 2015-07-07 at 10.10.14
photos by the great Candy G.

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Drawn from the TV, mostly using old dipping ink pens.Game of THrones sketches-3

I’ve only stumbled to the end of the third series. Without the dwarf I’d not be half as interested. He is the modern voice of the show for me.

There are some rules to these sketches:

  1. No drawing from freeze frames
  2. No drawing after the programme has finished
    That’s it.
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Life Drawing 26.06.15. Robin the character actor.

This week was about composition.
Robin, as entertaining as always, brought some props and the studio was adorned with the materials of a tavern scene in 17th Century Holland. The lesson consisted of 5 ten minute poses, followed by the same poses, this time the poses were held for 20 minutes.

Robin composition 260615

I’d like to work on this a lot more. I was trying to make the genre scene have a contemporary feel, making strange connections and quirky balance between the figures and objects; as well as having a sense of strong perspective without using receding lines. The man is no more having liquid poured into his hat as he has a violinist standing on his head.
Acrylic on gold paper. Laid on with overloaded small brushes, the figure in the foreground having medium sized brushes.

Below are the initial ten minute sketches.

Colin erly sketches

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