Drawn from the TV, mostly using old dipping ink pens.Game of THrones sketches-3

I’ve only stumbled to the end of the third series. Without the dwarf I’d not be half as interested. He is the modern voice of the show for me.

There are some rules to these sketches:

  1. No drawing from freeze frames
  2. No drawing after the programme has finished
    That’s it.
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Life Drawing 26.06.15. Robin the character actor.

This week was about composition.
Robin, as entertaining as always, brought some props and the studio was adorned with the materials of a tavern scene in 17th Century Holland. The lesson consisted of 5 ten minute poses, followed by the same poses, this time the poses were held for 20 minutes.

Robin composition 260615

I’d like to work on this a lot more. I was trying to make the genre scene have a contemporary feel, making strange connections and quirky balance between the figures and objects; as well as having a sense of strong perspective without using receding lines. The man is no more having liquid poured into his hat as he has a violinist standing on his head.
Acrylic on gold paper. Laid on with overloaded small brushes, the figure in the foreground having medium sized brushes.

Below are the initial ten minute sketches.

Colin erly sketches

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KR Tailoring design

KR mock up

Intertwined lettering, a tweaked slab serif. Solid, trustworthy and timeless.

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Life Drawing 19.06.15: Florencia in red & blue

This model is great. She radiates happiness.

Florencia above me the foot

This work was created on the floor while the model was on the table, seated on a donkey (a stool for drawing) The mirror reflects the pose. I was careful with the colours, only using a skin lie tone at the last, mainly on the background to bring it forward. The head was a stretch to get to for my arm. Below is a close up. It’s fun to see how things work when cropped. 90 mins.

Florencia above me crop

The first drawing, painted in the break. It reminds me of Henri Gaudier Brezska. 10 mins.

Florencia standing Gaudia Brezska style

Oil pastels are quick and bright. I have run out of all the subtle colours.

Florencia in joil pastel arms up high

A Japanese brush and ink felt quite daring at the time, no mistakes.Florencia in japanese ink and brush

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Family tree. Padley Gorge, near Sheffield.

Family in Padley gorge tree


Time and photography. This image took around a minute. 3 kids twice.
Padley Gorge is magical and has a great proper café at the bottom.

Padley Gorge is a deep but narrow valley in the Peak District, Derbyshire between the village of Grindleford and the A6187 road.

The gorge is wooded with a stream, the Burbage Brook, at the bottom. This stream used to form the boundary between Derbyshire and Yorkshire but the boundary now follows theHathersage Road (A625).


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Chocolate Diamond Campaign. Tasty.

Here’s a campaign I’ve been working on.

A brochure, advert, business card and chocolate wrapper.

Ntinga Chocolate campaign

Diamonds and chocolate are two things most people really like, hence the theme.
The typography is classic and integrated in with imagery. Using sympathetic colour to highlight the stones the silky, sumptuous background is contrasted with the hard textured slate. The body copy dances around the products lightly.

The brochure.

cover for webblogNtinga brochure v11 0106153Ntinga brochure v11 0106154Ntinga brochure v11 0106155Ntinga brochure v11 0106158 Ntinga brochure v11 0106156Ntinga brochure v11 0106159Ntinga brochure v11 0106157

A business to business advert.

Ntinga page ad Houlden Group v5 ARTWORK 120515

Business card.

Ntinga Bus card v2 200515 art-1

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Life Drawing 12.06.15: Gamze in drapery

This week concentrated on the figure in drapery. The way material lies on the body can tell you what is underneath. Directions of creases delineate form.

A strong frenetic 15 minutes.Gamze in drapery v1

A play with pink and the most neutral light green. Colours were used to create balance and lead you through the image. The last pose of the night– the heat was sapping the energy.
40 minutes. 
Gamze sitting torso jacket

A close up of the above. I’m pleased with my jacket in the background.Gamze portrait crop


50 minutes of activity. I’m using Farrow and Ball tester pots. The red was overwhelming so it was knocked back with the light green. A full on scramble to get all the information down. The colour on the body is rather jolly. Rectangles move through the painting, from the screen in the mirror onwards.Gamze mr skellington torso potplant mirror

10 minutes, in the first minute, a large brush and a lot of ink was put on paper. This was adjusted with grey oil pastel.Gamze standing with drapery

The image was finished of in photoshop, with slabs of colour. 15 minutes.Gamze standing with drapery 3

Around a minute.Gamze profile quick

Two other images 20 minutes and three minutes.
Gamze standing firstGamze reclining portrait

Mr Skellington. Made in the 30 minutes before the lesson starts.Mr Skellington in my jacket

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