Life drawing 010618. Dancer dancing.

Heaven again
In heaven again. Acrylics on paper. This is not the finished state. Interesting flatness and line. The shapes work well. I’ve been adding pencils to it. Could be quite strong.

Charcoal Skellington and Mr Jeffs

In the studio. Mr. Jeffs the artist, Mr Skellington, plant and bust. Compressed charcoal, white soft pastel and a little water. 20 minutes.

The model was a dancer and this made for a fantastic 40 minutes of drawing movement. Exhilirating! The hand tried to keep in time.

This has a touch of the early 20th century. Pencils and soft pastel.

old style sketch

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Life Drawing 25.05.18. Nearly fainting…

Nearly fainting

Nearly fainting. Acrylics and pencils on paper. This has been worked on a fair bit. The background was originally bright red. The material and most of the background was added after the original session. The title refers to the model looking like she might fall into unconsciousness.

Nearly fainting detail

Detail of Nearly Fainting. You can see the layers of work.

Maya x5 with artist

5x ‘M’. These were all 15 minute poses. A variety of media was used including oil pastels, oil sticks, acrylics and pencils. A lot of ‘see what happens’. Freestyle.

Maya x5 close up

Detail of 5x ‘M’.

Maya x5 close up 2

Detail of 5x ‘M’.

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Posters for school. Rockin’ & Quizin’

Yerbury Music Night poster v1

A versatile thing, the fox. I like the idea of a mobile logo, one that can dress up in new clothes but is always itself. Here’s a few of the posters I’ve designed for the school.
He even swims. The illustration and type are mine, the smaller type is Futura.

Yerbury QUIZ night v1

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Life drawing 18.05.18. Tate Britain & The Mary Ward Centre.

Watching the portrait of Elisabeth Rawthenson

Infront of Franciss Bacon’s painting of Isabel Rawsthorne. See here for the original.

Actor on bed

Actor on bed.

Mre Skellington easel and mirror

Mr Skellington, easel and artist in mirror.

Head of actor with artist

Head of an actor.



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Life drawing: 11.05.18. G & Francis Bacon.

G asleep after bacon
G asleep. After Francis Bacon’s Man in Blue Series. Just before starting this painting the class were talking about Francis Bacon. I was talking about how much I admired his Man in blue series. The feeling of these works seems to have crept into my painting. The model ‘G’ always has such presence, as always the painting is influenced by the sitter.

Man in Blue V, 1954
Francis Bacon: Man in Blue

Two studies from earlier in the evening. The first with the brush held at arms length, the second made with my right (wrong) hand.

G x2 in black and blue

A painting made on crinkled paper.

G on crinkled paper

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Life drawing 04.05.18. Barry with mask.

Barry in yellow

Bhind the mask. Painted in a frenzy. A lot of different media smudged, painted and drawn on. It holds together… just.

Barry in yellow detail

Detail of Behind mask, showing the build up of marks.

barry in mask from the floor

Being in the mask. Made from below, while on the floor. The colours are good and strong.

torso detail

Detail of the white plastic torso from Being in the mask.

barry x 3 one in mask

Barry in mask x3. The first three poses of the night.

Barry detail standing

Detail of Barry in mask x3.

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Life drawing 27.04.18. Glitter lady.

Glitter Platinum lady 1

Glitter Lady. Acrylic and pencil. Painted on paper prepared with dark grey paint and glitter. It reminds me of something the great Glam photographer Mick rock would have shot around 1973.

Glitter Platinum lady detail

Details of Glitter Lady. You can see how the glitter shows through, flattening the picture plane.

Platinum lady x 4

Platinum lady at 4 points in time. Worked on extensively at home. Silver pencil in her hair. The colours were thought about a bit more than usual. It might need further work.

Sisters and small mask

Platinum lady seated and standing with mask. The mask is a plaster sculpture. I think the Judee Sill album I was listening to seeped into the image. This is on the other side of Platinum lady at 4 points in time. The poses were directly after those first three (the forurth being a reflection)

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