Captain Ahab. The Fish pie.

Capt Ahab Moby Dick Pie 2

After eating this for three days straight I felt sunk as well.

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V&M FS Double Portrait in details.

Here’s another commission.
Two daughters and a doll (the doll was important).
I thought I’d show it as details first.

DSCF1473 DSCF1475 DSCF1480 DSCF1487

Here’s the inspirations for the work.
Gainsborough’s daughters, Joan Eardley’s Glasgow street children, Jean-Honoré Fragonard’s the two sisters and the Fayum mummy portraits (late 1st century BCE yo 3rd CE.

03daught  2012AA01556  h2_53.61.5  tumblr_noi4dhtQ7D1ryfivao1_500

Here’s the painting of the sitter’s from life.

first sketch

And here’s the finished work.
V&M FM final

There’s a book to go with this as well.

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Life drawing 06/11/15: Alice & Mr Skellington

This might be the best (and hardest) pose to draw in 10 minutes.
I kept on thinking, ‘I have to do this justice’.Alice with staff

A dynamic pose with some distortion (on my part).Alice turning

This painting went through so many changes. The model was where the skeleton is now.
Talk about frenetic. There are mistakes and distortions, which didn’t bother me foronce.
I think I could work on this for a very long time. Titled Eurydice?

This work took an hour in tandem with the painting on canvas below.
Notice George the cat making a guest appearance.


Alice as Eurydice 2

Alice canvas detail

Here’s the same model as Diana, the huntress at my exhibition.
Thought to be the best thing in the show by a few people.


Here’s Mr. S in his third state. Nearly there…mr s portrait on canvas

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Life Drawing 30/10/15. David and the big hand.

David takes life modelling in a dynamic direction.
His poses are usually physically demanding for him, making the artist try even harder.

This is the last pose of the night. 1 hour.
I’ll work on this, making the pillow the only white in the picture.

David reclining in perspective

This week’s initial poses had rules attached.
The rule for this pose was no taking the mark maker off the paper.
David is headless as the paper ran out. I always try and start from the feet, which leads to some dramatic crops. 10 minutes.

David standing b&w arms in front
More rules to loosen up the right side of the brain.
The left painting was about putting in the negative space. The middle image was form not line and the picture on the right was looking, making a line, then repeat. All around 10 minutes.

David in 2 different techniquesDavid standing on stool

Version 2 of Mr. Skellington.
Skull v2

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Mr Skellington catalogue.

A good friend bought this work.
Here’s an A4 leaflet made to go with it.
I’m thinking of doing an exhibition of Mr. S.


FrontMr Skellington leaflet-1

Inside Mr Skellington leaflet-2Mr Skellington leaflet-3

BackMr Skellington leaflet-4

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Life Drawing 23/10/15: The Spanish lady.

Two canvases were doing nothing in the art room for a few years, so why not bring them to the life drawing class and put some paint on them?

This was the last pose. 1 hour. The colours get more life-like as I progress. The tone is put down first, then the shape, detail, then the finally if there is enough time the ‘right’ colour.

Manuella seated on canvas

The orange was painted earlier in the day with a sponge soaked in paint. Blue outlines; the only thing I’ve learnt from Renoir. The model had great hair to draw. 15 minutes.

Manuella standing crop material

15 minutes. The wax crayon was put on in the 10 minute break. Notice the distortion on the foot caused by the paper being so far away from my eye. The profile on the left was made from the reflection of the model in the mirror.

Manuella standing x2

A strange idea. The first pose which in my haste did not fit the paper. So the other parts of the body fitted on the rest of the page.

As you see the separate drawings don’t quite go together.

Manuella standing first pose 2Manuella standing first pose 1

Another canvas to use. This was covered with plaster which has flaked a bit. This skull will be worked on in the coming weeks. It was painted in the minutes before the class started, with whatever colours came out of the bag first.

Mr Skellington on canvas

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ZomBlondie poster

The portrait poster.

ZomBlondie A3 sm

The landscape poster / flyer / email.


Such a shame, the organiser is quite ill (NOT a zombie though)  so it’s been called off.

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