Life Drawing 24.11.17. Preparations for a long pose.

The next two weeks will be on one pose.
Composition-wise I like the silence on the left, the artist and their reflection and the model in a dynamic seated pose. The side-on artist contrasts nicely with the model.
I think the finished artwork will be square. Rather funny that I didn’t see the rogue masking tape that covers her modesty.Lady reclining with artist in the background

Here’s a detail of the above.Lady reclining with artist in the background detail

Blue card works well as background. The guitar and torso was in place before the model arrived. The two poses were worked into the composition.Lady on electric blue card x 2 with guitar etc

A quick 15 minute pose. The image was worked up in acrylics with 4B pencil added near the end and finished with a little more paint.Lady on cream card looking right full figure

A detail of the above. Taking some of the detail away helps sometimes.Lady on cream card looking right

Black card is harder to work on, too stark. It gives a strange stark, ghost-like feel to the images made on it.
Lady on black card with larger head

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Gary Kirk + David Bowie = Party.

A dream job. A client I like, a subject who’s brilliant and of course Dame David.
So I had a bunch of photos and got to work on some bespoke party invites / posters.

GARY-BOWIE-first-album-E1-webGary Kirk finals sm23Gary Kirk finals sm2GARRY-BOWIE-Younng-As-f1-webGARRY-BOWIE-TEMPLATE-G1-LOW-webGary Kirk finals sm27

I even did the backs of a few.

Gary Kirk finals lo res4 for blogGary Kirk finals sm22Gary Kirk finals sm28

Here’s the making of one.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Life Drawing 17.11.17. Costumes in pencil.

A clutch pencil with a large piece of graphite in it and a smudger. The model, an actor, brought some of his many stage costumes. A really fun night.

Robin in hat and coat

An earlier selection of  15 minute poses. Some in pen, some in pencil.Robin 3 and a bit

A charcoal and chalk experiment.Robin eating a pretend fruit

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Life drawing 10.11.17. Man & fabric.

Barry the model has had many portraits made of his craggy, proud face.
I always think of him as Crassus. But with a watch.
It was conscious of leaving the lower part of the painting; there’s a need for more space in my work. In my teens I used to squash the figure into the picture plane. Now there should be at least a bit  of silence in the picture plane.

Barry as Crassus in the cold full pictures

Here’s a detail of the head showing the thickly laid on texture.
Barry as Crassus in the cold

This was made quickly over another 15 minute sketch. The pose has a comic element.
Barry as Crassus in the baths

The middle pose is the best. All three of these works should of had a few more minutes work on them. I like the pinks.Barry as Crassus in disguise x3

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Sketchbook work and a small sculpture.

I’ve been moving house, hence the lack of posts.
As soon as things are out of boxes expect a flood of work.

In the meantime, here’s some sketches made over the last few weeks.

Chimpanzees Whipsnade Oct17

Chimpanzees, Whipsnade Zoo.

Uccello National Gallery sketches Sept 17

Uccello studies, National gallery.

Benny in green

A lad I’ve been teaching. This was drawn with him looking at the work being created.

Slate mine bounce Oct17

The inside of a Welsh slate mine. 4 levels of trampolines!

Mills hodges Slate mine cafe Oct17

A sketch while having lunch. Coloured in photoshop.

yumchaca camden interior

The Yumchaca cafe in Camden while waiting for a friend. Trying to get a hang on strong perspectives.

head sculptur

A small plaster head. Made with some left over gypsum, a great free medium.

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Life Drawing 03.11.17. 2 models, many marks made.

two life models on blue 031117
2 Ladies on blue and green.
This week had the excitement of two models. This can be daunting, but if you start with a plan and make some marks on the page things start flowing.
The reflection in the mirror really helps the composition. The blue ground was rolled on in the hour before the class. There were a few really big changes in the process of making this artwork, the legs were moved around a fair bit due to the perspective.

two life models on blue 031117 detail 2
A detail. Facing the void.two life models on blue 031117 detail 1
A detail. The model and her reflection.

9 models and one artist Mark N
Studies on Red.
The red ground was rolled previously. Four fifteen minute poses with an added artist (Mr. Mark Noad).

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27.10.17. Jay, tall and poetic.

I’ve used Jay’s real name as he’ not shy. See Instagram #jay_life_model
He’s tall and poetic in demeanor.

Jay_Life_model plus skellington and artists

Skellington, Mark, Jay the Model and David.

Again just a pencil (a HB this time) and some choice on what to draw. I’ve taken out the easel he’s leaning on, the windows etc.There is only so much time, plus your brain will imagine the rest of Mr. Skellington, it doesn’t have to be drawn.

Jay_Life_model detail

Jay the Model (detail)

Jay_Life_Model x3 with Skellington

Early studies of Jay and Skellington

Tall poetic man 271017

Torso and Jay the model

This was an experiment with charcoals of different consistency and a rubber. Some nice passages, though overall I’m not happy. I’m bored with thick black lines.

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