Life Drawing. Repeat Performance.

The last two sessions of the term at The Mary Ward Centre, Queen Square, London.

The figures on the left could be in a painting within a painting. The pictoral space is slightly out. A painting is like a song or a poem: it is never real. It’s a view through the artist’s eye. The fabric and walls are from a different time and place. The figure is represented three times, once in a mirror. Every pont in the work is a decision.


Repeat Performance 1301718 Trevor Mill

A detail of the portrait under normal yellow light. I’d like the blending of the colours to be smoother. The texture of the previous painting’s brushstrokes works underneath mine quite well. One day I’ll have to learn how to work with small brushes instead of pencils, the disparity between the brush marks and the thin lines of the pencil is too wide.

Repeat Performance portrait detail

Another slice of the compostion. Yes, that is me at the far right.

Repeat Performance figures detail

Earlier states. See the previous post for the studies leading up to this point.



This close up of the model’s bellybutton shows the different layers of paint.

Repeat Performance bellybutton

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Life drawing. Studies for Repeat Performance.

Study 1 for Repeat Performance.

These are studies for a large canvas which I’m working on at the moment.

In the life class there are only a few subjects. The model of course, the fellow artists, Mr Skellington, the mirror, fabric, furniture, art stuck on the walls and the architecture of the room itself. As you can see This has the lot.

Two models and two artists

Here’a a detail showing the swift marks that make up the composition.

Two models and two artists detail

An artist at work. Sitting on what is called a ‘donkey’ a long single seater bench with an easel on one end.

Two models and two artists detail of artist

Study 2 for Repeat Performance.

This study has a stronger look due to the use of compressed charcoal.
This has the same pose repeated, a reflection of the pose and then the artist. There’s some strong perspective and space with not much in it, which s important to me. A painting should not be all noise.

study for three models 1 artist

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Life Drawing. Summer colours.

Being the summer, I thought the palette needed to lighten and brighten itself.

An hour on the seventh floor. Acrylics and pencil. There’s quite a lot going on here. Four poses by the model, three artists and the room itself. The images move in time order from right to left. Yes I’m rather left handed. A very exciting sixty minutes.

Moving life drawing in the summer

Among the paintings. Acrylics and pencil. This was from two thirty minute poses. The paper was stuck to the wall. The right hand fiigure is slightly warped due to my stance not being straight on. You can see the difference with the second figure. I loved painting sink on the left. Nice and solid.

Adrian x2 in summer colours

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Life Drawing. Andrew the Michael-Angelo-esque model.

This post contains nudity. If you have problems with this please swipe left now.

Andrew Crayford is one of the top models about. His physique, poses and dramatic cascades of curls are always a challenge ot translate onto paper.

Male nude in the white room. Acrylic on paper. Around an hour.
I made a rule not to use pencils. Tried to make a static pose as kinetic as possible by making the brushstrokes behave like water.

Andrew in the white room

Details of the above. There may well be more work on this one. The background was painted at home around 11:30 that night.

Andrew in the white room top torso detail

The light was fascinating, the dying sun flowing slowly across the figure.

Andrew in the white room legs detail

3 versions of A. Blocking in the figure and then working over the darker colour seems to work at the moment.

Andrew x3 in ble outline

A detail of Andrews face, framed by curls.

Andrew Head in blue detail

Andrew x2. Both 10 minute paintings.

Andrew x2 in black and biege

Andrew in blue. There’s a sense of tension here.

Andrew in blue with stick

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Illustration. Perfume shop & bottles.

Les Senteurs is a fascinating business. I’ve fallen under the spell of their many fine scents.
They also have a fantstic shopfront with an amazing tree, which I was asked to illustrate when making up some extra brand guidelines for them.Les Senteurs shopfront wider versionAn illustration can solve a lot of problems. There are usually cars and ladies walking dogs infront of this beautiful shopfront. The flowers are versions of the Les Senteurs logo.
As you can see, the image can be used in different seasons and times as well.

Les Senteurs needed some illustrations of perfume bottles that were generic but interesting. Here they are.

Les Senteurs Perfume bottles master

These are three bespoke icons for the Les Senteurs website.

Les Senteurs Perfume bottles master

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Life drawing 010618. Dancer dancing.

Heaven again
In heaven again. Acrylics on paper. This is not the finished state. Interesting flatness and line. The shapes work well. I’ve been adding pencils to it. Could be quite strong.

Charcoal Skellington and Mr Jeffs

In the studio. Mr. Jeffs the artist, Mr Skellington, plant and bust. Compressed charcoal, white soft pastel and a little water. 20 minutes.

The model was a dancer and this made for a fantastic 40 minutes of drawing movement. Exhilirating! The hand tried to keep in time.

This has a touch of the early 20th century. Pencils and soft pastel.

old style sketch

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Life Drawing 25.05.18. Nearly fainting…

Nearly fainting

Nearly fainting. Acrylics and pencils on paper. This has been worked on a fair bit. The background was originally bright red. The material and most of the background was added after the original session. The title refers to the model looking like she might fall into unconsciousness.

Nearly fainting detail

Detail of Nearly Fainting. You can see the layers of work.

Maya x5 with artist

5x ‘M’. These were all 15 minute poses. A variety of media was used including oil pastels, oil sticks, acrylics and pencils. A lot of ‘see what happens’. Freestyle.

Maya x5 close up

Detail of 5x ‘M’.

Maya x5 close up 2

Detail of 5x ‘M’.

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