Life Drawing 5: 13.02.15. Charlotte & Skellington

A skinny model who kept on moving, his arm kept on falling down.
This was made 10 minutes before the class started while speed eating a slice of pecan pie and chatting about strapping pastels to sticks (which is how I created this drawing).

Skellington posing

This weeks theme was drapery. The lines of fabric follow the form underneath, the sweeps and loops, the highlights and depths make you think of classical or Renaissance sculpture. The use of a large amount of green was put on as a challenge – an interesting ground to work on. There was talk about Matisse and his use of flattening background colours, the red room pianists, so in homage the background was brushed in the same tone as the skin, to bring the background forward. 3o mins.

Charlotte sitting

You can tell how near I was to the model by the slight ‘lens’ distortion. 45 minutes.

Charlotte seated 1

This drawing was grown from the feet. The light skittery lines do not photograph well at all. If anyone knows how to photograph light thin lines on white, give me a call… 15 mins.

Charlotte standing

I like the solidity of this painting. The seated figure takes a while to see. 2 x15 minute poses.

Charlotte standing and sitting

About Trevor Mill

This is my work. Art & Design. The fruits of my labour. Commissions / projects welcome.
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5 Responses to Life Drawing 5: 13.02.15. Charlotte & Skellington

  1. I love colour so I’m slightly in love with the close up colourful one but these are all lovely , great texture and tone 🙂

  2. What materials are you using for the paintings? I’ve used a bit of digital in life drawing to “paint” but never taken the time to consider using, say, gouache on paper for anything 15 minutes or longer. Good stuff!

    • Trevor Mill says:

      Acrylics mainly, but with a range of conté and oil pastels to sharpen up the image. I paint with sponge, then any brush that happens to be near. The conté pastels are usually taped on the other ends of the brushes. I’ll have a look at your stuff now…

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