Gallery studies. Epstein, Van Gogh and Bacon.

Study of The Visitation, a sculpture by Jacob Epstein. Pencil on sketchbook.
Made by standing infront of the work in the Tate Britain (while overhearing Simon Schama enthuse on David Bomberg, which made me very happy). I really like the presence of this sculpture.

Van Gogh studies. I really loved this painting. I drew it from memory and then when visiting again sat down infront of it and drew it from life. The brush marks and colour are brilliant. I learnt a fair few things from the ‘Van Gogh & Britain’ exhibition at the Tate Britain.

Study of Figures in a Landscape by Francis Bacon.
There’s an interesting exhibition of Francis Bacon’s figure work called ‘Couplings’ at the Gagosian in Mayfair. I’d never seen this work before, it has the mystery of a dream or a bad memory.

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